Siebel CRM Third-Party Support

Maintain the Value and Extend the Life of Your Oracle Siebel CRM Investment

Keep your Siebel CRM applications running smoothly, securely, and in compliance with Oracle Siebel Support. When switching to Spinnaker Support, Oracle Siebel customers gain more comprehensive and responsive service, save an average of 62% on their support fees, and can remain on their current software release indefinitely. As a leading global provider of third-party Oracle support, our team partners with your organization to help you make the most of your Siebel CRM for as long as you need it.

Why Replace Oracle-Provided Support with Third-Party Siebel CRM Support

Oracle Support has devolved in recent years into a self-service model with slow response times and little value to organizations running stable software and systems like Siebel CRM. Thousands of global enterprises in nearly every industry have now migrated away from Oracle-provided support to our third-party Oracle Siebel Support because Oracle: 

  • Raises support fees each year by 2-4%, with no material benefits.
  • Has moved to a primarily self-service model instead of immediate, live assistance.
  • Does not assist with customizations and integrations.
  • Responds far too slowly to P2 and P3 issues.
  • Tries to force them into unjustifiable upgrades or unready cloud products.

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While Oracle focuses on selling more software and moving you to the latest release or cloud products, Spinnaker Support is intensely focused on the quality and value of individualized customer service for your current environment. We call it “support that is actually supportive.”

Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided Support

Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided Support

“Cutting the cord” has become common in our personal lives for cable and phone technology. A similar transformation is now occurring in the world of Oracle support.

Our whitepaper, “Cut the Cord from Oracle-Provided Support,” explores the advantages of switching to third-party support, when it is appropriate, and how Oracle will try to dissuade you from doing so, even when it isn’t in your best interest to retain Oracle-provided support.

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The Advantages of Third-Party Oracle Siebel CRM Support

Spinnaker Support replaces Oracle’s ongoing Siebel support, delivering superior support, more efficiently, at a dramatically reduced price.

Organizations choose Spinnaker Support because we:

  • Immediately reduce the cost of support fees by an average of 62%
  • Deliver responses in less than 15 minutes, from Level 4 senior engineers in eight operations centers
  • Supply more comprehensive coverage, including for customizations and interoperability issues
  • Help extend the life of stable, customized, and productive applications, for as long as you need
  • Offer flexible commercial terms that match your licenses and business needs
  • Provide a safe haven until cloud solutions become right for your business

Our large, knowledgeable and award-winning Oracle team of support engineers addresses all Siebel inquiries. Spinnaker Support’s Oracle engineers leverage an average of over 19 years of experience to fill your knowledge gaps, ease your staffing constraints, and provide expert assistance for complex CRM issues.

Included in Our Standard Siebel CRM Support:

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General Inquiry Support
Security & Vulnerability Management
Technology Advisory Services

“We like the ease of use, the ease of opening tickets, and the ability to escalate when needed. Spinnaker Support often responds within two minutes of our logging an issue, and the support skillset with Spinnaker Support has been so much better. Early on, we had a problem with Siebel that we had not been able to fix for over a year. After transitioning, Spinnaker Support just jumped in and resolved it.”

Craig Greenholt, ITC VMO & IT Infrastructure Architect, Lexmark - Read the Case Study

What We Support

As a third-party vendor supporting many Siebel instances, we are uniquely positioned to provide services around legacy products in various configurations:

  • Versions

    • Oracle Siebel CRM Release 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, and 8.x
  • Supported Product Areas

    • Siebel Sales
    • Siebel Analytics
    • Mobile
    • Siebel Marketing
    • Dynamic Catalog
    • Commerce Analytics
    • Dynamic Pricer
    • Quote & Order
    • Siebel Contact Center
    • Service Analytics
    • Field Service
    • Help Desk
    • Mobile Solutions
    • Social
    • CRM Technology (all)
    • Industry Solutions (most)
  • Supported Industries

    • Aerospace
    • Communications
    • Defense
    • Financial Services
    • High Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Public Sector
    • Universities
    • And more…

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