What is Oracle Third-Party Support?

Third-party support is a more proactive, cost-effective way to support your Oracle software. It replaces software vendor support with a team of experienced engineers who are dedicated to your success, not driving up profit margins.

If your organization uses Oracle enterprise applications and databases, you’ve no doubt seen continual increases in Oracle’s annual support costs, even as the value of the support you get in exchange for those rising costs keeps going down. That’s why Oracle third-party support exists; companies are simply fed up with paying higher costs for lower-quality support.

It’s all baked into Oracle’s business model: sell the software, and then slash the support, forcing customers to upgrade to the next release. Once you start maximizing the value of any given Oracle release, they demand that you either upgrade to the next release or get by with inferior-quality “sustaining support.”

With independent, third-party Oracle support, you can break the shackles of Oracle support contracts; in fact, many third-party Oracle support customers are perfectly happy with their current Oracle releases, especially given that many of them have made extensive customizations to their software — which, Oracle absolutely refuses to support. If you change one line of code in your Oracle software, you’re on your own.

Not so with third-party Oracle support. You can make all the customizations you want to your Oracle software and still get great support from third-party Oracle support providers such as Spinnaker Support. Plus, with third-party Oracle support, you can keep using your current Oracle release for as long as it delivers value to your organization and get the same outstanding quality support. Spinnaker Support, for example, uses only seasoned support engineers with 20-plus years of experience delivering Oracle support the right way.

Once you compare Oracle’s in-house support with third-party Oracle support, your choice is clear. Third-party support gives you more options, more flexibility, more choices, and more value, providing outstanding quality Oracle support in the bargain. Learn more how third-party support is a safe alternative to Oracle-provided support.

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  • The Features

Oracle third-party support from Spinnaker Support uncovers the source of your problem, then provides proven solutions based on how you currently use your existing technology. By evaluating your need in full context with your technology usage and business needs, our award-winning engineers focus on delivering lasting improvements instead of temporarily putting out fires.

Third-party support is a low-risk, cost-effective means of eliminating the headaches of publisher-provided support. Spinnaker Support delivers faster response times, less expensive contracts, and more personalized service as you extend the life of your stable on-premise system.

  • 24/7/365 support from experts
  • Custom code support
  • Interoperability support
  • Tax & regulatory compliance
  • Full stack intrusion detection, virtual patching, and compensating controls
  • Lifetime support for as long as you use your current version
  • Expert advisory services
  • Usage-based pricing model
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See how much your company could save when you move away from margin-driven Oracle-provided support to a dedicated third-party partner like Spinnaker Support.

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Making the move to third-party support should never be a risk. Our guarantee for new customers addresses your top concerns, whether they’re legal compliance, security, or technical issue coverage. We stand by our customers and behind our record of service.

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