No code is perfect. Odds are that your application or system will eventually require external technical assistance.

Standard to our third-party support, Spinnaker Support delivers diagnostic services, product fixes, performance management, and/or operational workarounds for software issues for standard and custom code and integrations.

A More Effective Break/Fix Solution Than Oracle or SAP

Spinnaker Support offers an entirely different break/fix approach and philosophy from that of Oracle or SAP: we strive to successfully resolve every issue you present in a timely and comprehensive manner, whether that issue occurs in standard code or not.

Here are five ways in which our break/fix model excels when compared to Oracle and SAP


Ticket Responses Arrive Within Minutes, Not Days

With Spinnaker Support, high–priority tickets – as defined by you, not the software publisher – are responded to within 15 minutes, guaranteed. On average, we respond in five minutes.

That means no more time wasted searching for the answer on a support portal or hours spent waiting for assistance from an engineer you do not know. For lower-priority tickets, our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide equally reasonable response times.


Logging a Ticket Requires Minimal Information

To report a break/fix issue, you simply log an online ticket or call in directly with a brief description of the issue. Your assigned team is already familiar with your environment, so you won’t have to provide extensive background information. You can also attach and upload documentation such as screen shots to help speed the assessment of your break/fix issue.


Break/Fix Covers Custom Code

Most Oracle and SAP customers create custom functionality to support unique business needs that the software was not originally designed to handle. Many break/fix issues originate in code that users have previously customized – at the application, tools, and database levels.

Unlike Oracle and SAP Support, custom code is not an obstacle for Spinnaker Support. Our engineers troubleshoot and resolve any problems that may be caused by new or existing customizations. If the root cause is the core software code, we will develop a fix for it. If the root cause is with the custom code, we will provide guidance to the changes needed to support the customization.


Break/Fix Covers Interoperability Issues

Most systems do not sit as standalone technology, and the breaks that occur involve the connections with these other applications. As with customer code, software publishers do not generally support interoperability issues.

Spinnaker Support handles tickets that relate to issues of interoperability in the same manner as other technical issues. As a standard feature, we help maintain interoperability and manage the changes in diverse application, database, and other computer system layers of any technology stack that can ripple across Oracle and SAP enterprise applications.


Test and Fix Process has Minimal Impact on Operations

Spinnaker Support never touches your production systems. We commonly deliver fixes through a remote connection to your test environment, where issue analysis, troubleshooting, and debugging occurs. Once we have isolated the issue and designed a solution, we work with you to test within your test environment / sandbox, affecting only the required changes. This minimizes the impact to other programs and objects.

Spinnaker Support’s policy is to keep the results of our work product, in the form of software modifications and updates we create for you, on your servers. The resulting code fix is the property of the customer and/or the software vendor and IS NOT stored on any third-party vendor computers once the case has been closed.


“We have a partnership with Spinnaker Support. The support engineers are responsive, efficient, and engaged directly on resolving our issues. They don’t respond with stall tactics or try to push unneeded patches to ‘try’ and resolve issues, like SAP support.”

Ajith Kumar, Autodesk


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