Take Control of your SAP Roadmap

Take back control of your SAP solution once and for all.

Lately SAP has been prioritizing new business and R&D over maintaining the on-premise solutions already in use by customers like you.

SAP and many of its consulting and service partners may rush you through engagements – or push you to upgrade to expensive versions or services when you’re not interested or ready.

Spinnaker Support has turned the SAP support industry on its head, providing true customer-centric service that puts you back in charge.

Third-Party SAP Support

Replace the frustration of SAP’s expensive, self-service
support model with a live, assigned team of senior
engineers who care about your success.


SAP Managed Services

Push your SAP technology even further. Our accomplished
engineers, application specialists, and developers are ready
to expand your existing staff’s capabilities, provide
additional expertise, or assume full management of your SAP
ecosystem on your behalf.

A fully integrated suite
of support offerings
and features

Spinnaker Support is the premier provider of Third Party Support Services. Our customers achieve two significant benefits: a reduction in support costs exceeding 50% and an enhancement of their overall security posture. We empower our customers to shape their digital strategy by offering full support for all software versions, effectively breaking free from vendor-imposed commercial restrictions. Giving them the freedom to transform on their schedule.

Spinnaker Support entirely replaces 
your software vendor support contract, enabling you to extend the life of your current systems as long as you need them.

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Spinnaker Managed Services extends the capabilities of your IT team with specialized skill sets and day-to-day management.

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Spinnaker Shield maintains or improves your security posture for your applications and technologies over the vendors themselves. Armed with proven processes, tried-and-true security insight, and a staff of industry experts, Spinnaker continually investigates issues, hardens, and protects your database, middleware, and application environments.

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Spinnaker Intelligence is an AI/ML tool 
that assists with rapid issue resolution. Leveraging a vast quantity of anonymized historical data, Spinnaker Intelligence augments Spinnaker’s expert engineers by enabling them to quickly and easily tap into the collective experience across Spinnaker.

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Spinnaker Link frees you from vendor red tape and interoperability restrictions by enabling you to design and deploy integrations for your unique IT environment with services including Email Authentication Tunneling, Encryption Translation Tunneling, Java Desktop Client and Operating System Integrations.

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A fully integrated suite
of support offerings
and features


Spinnaker Support

Premier, personalized third-party support for enterprise software

Spinnaker Managed ServicesTM

Managed services to offload IT operations, augment staff, and fill capability gaps


Spinnaker ShieldTM

Proactive full-stack security and vulnerability protection

Spinnaker IntelligenceTM

AI tools designed to identify issues faster

Spinnaker LinkTM

Interoperability services for the IT ecosystem

SAP Database Consulting

When it’s time for high-value, high-impact database projects,
our SAP experts deliver the goods. From architecture & design
to migration & deployment to a range of health, security, and
performance assessments, we can optimize your databases and
propel your business forward. Require emergency assistance?
Our SAP consulting team is always at the ready.


How We’re Changing the Landscape

Software publishers and other third-party providers talk big. Spinnaker Support delivers.

Worry-Free Support

Our standard SAP support includes break/fix service, interoperability, customizations, security and vulnerability management, global tax and regulation compliance, and sound technology advice.

Fast Answers & Service

We respond to issues in minutes, not hours or days. We offer global SAP support services 24/7/365 in 14 languages.

Improved ROI

Reduce support costs by an average of 62% by switching your annual contract from SAP to Spinnaker Support. Increase your operational efficiency and improve SAP ROI with our managed services solutions.

Access to Experts

We hire only the best in the business. Our expert SAP support engineers currently average 19+ years of SAP experience.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of senior engineers will know every detail of your technology stack. You’ll receive solutions tailored specifically to your operational needs and challenges.

Lifetime Support

We will support whatever versions of SAP you’re using for as long as you need. You invested heavily in your technology and customizations ­­– you should achieve as much productivity as possible.

Big-Picture Focus

Our comprehensive processes are designed to quickly alert the appropriate teams to weigh in on the issue. You gain the benefit of our end-to-end perspective.

Ready for a Phenomenal Support Experience?

Request a complimentary consultation to learn more about how we can deliver exceptionally personalized enterprise software support at a much lower cost.