Standard to our third-party support, Spinnaker Support alleviates the challenges of tax, legal, and regulatory requirements by continually researching, monitoring and gathering specific requirements on behalf of our customers.

Keeping up with demanding tax and regulatory tasks and changes throughout the year is tedious and time consuming. Spinnaker Support manages compliance activities for our customers in dozens of countries and all 50 United States. This attention to detail exemplifies why so many of our customers trust, respect, and purchase our third-party software support.

A Customized GTRC Solution for Each Customer

Every organization has a unique set of tax and regulatory compliance needs, and so our GTRC team applies a concierge approach, delivering information tailored to your organization’s applications and jurisdictions. We work directly with you to schedule and implement all required changes, delivering exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our GTRC solution includes:

  • A standardized, repeatable process to deliver tax and regulatory changes
  • Personalized net change documentation and test scripts for each customer
  • Implementation code changes specific to each customer’s software version
  • Quality assurance testing for all changes
  • Comprehensive follow-up and support for all changes
  • Routine communication throughout the year to prepare customers for changes to their tax and regulatory environment
  • Additional tax and regulatory updates that may occur throughout the year

In comparison, Oracle and SAP deliver wholesale, undifferentiated GTRC updates to customers, and as an upgrade inducement for older systems, strip away GTRC services from their support programs. Spinnaker Support eliminates the need to sort through and determine which updates are applicable by delivering timely, customized GTRC information.

Tax & Regulatory Process Brochure


Tax & Regulatory Process Brochure


The Spinnaker GTRC Process and Team

As part of Spinnaker Support’s standard support contract, we encourage our customers to log tax and regulatory concerns. Our ISO 9001:2015–certified processes alleviate risk by helping our customers prepare for cyclical and new changes across the tax and regulatory landscape. Whether resolving issues or providing proactive updates and advice, we provide the heavy lifting, so that you don’t have to.

With award-winning leadership, our global team includes functional tax analysts, skilled engineers, and tax and regulatory experts who continuously research and manage compliance activities in over 100 jurisdictions. They have developed a proprietary research database that delivers the ability to quickly scale services and patches as we identify and add new companies and new country requirements.

Advisory Services Are Included

An additional benefit for customers who require GTRC services is our availability for advisory discussions. For example, customers have asked for assistance in understanding the technicalities of entering a new jurisdiction, the impact of mergers and acquisitions on GTRC, and the implications of new country policies like mandatory electronic filing. To provide definitive answers to these types of pressing queries, we bring together the appropriate team members and research through our extensive global network.


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