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Current Spinnaker Support partners may access our Partner Program portal using the following link:

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Partner Program Overview

As we look to the future, partners are an integral part of Spinnaker Support’s ecosphere. With the Spinnaker Support Partner Program, we look to create synergies that are mutually beneficial and ultimately provide a better experience for our customers.

Find out more why partnering with Spinnaker Support provides your business and your customers added value, benefits, and growth opportunities.

Sales/Referral Partner Program

A sales or lead referral partnership for SAP and Oracle enterprise applications, middleware, and databases provides three levels of value to our partners:

  1. Earn Additional Income: We pay partners a referral fee upon closing the business.
  2. Savings to Reinvest: Our unique enterprise support model provides significant savings to the customer. These savings can be reinvested in your products and services without a change in their budget.
  3. Elevate Your Status: Achieving “trusted advisor” status with customers is not easy. Recommending strategic independent business solutions is often the shortest path to establishing this status.

Benefits for Partners

As a member of the Spinnaker Support Partner Program, you will submit to Spinnaker Support any leads you come across. By submitting leads, you will:

  • Enable engagement with Spinnaker Support sales and marketing teams
  • Benefit from financial rewards
    • Financial payments will be calculated based on the first-year sales opportunity value at the time of successful closure by Spinnaker Support
    • Accelerator payments will be calculated for high-value performers

Benefits for Spinnaker Support

Establishing a good working relationship with Partners provides insights into current and potential opportunities relevant to the growth of the sales pipeline. Spinnaker Support benefits because:

  • Referrals from Partners provide different perspectives to end-user organizations
  • Partners have information about new opportunities within end-user organizations that are not immediately visible to Spinnaker Support
  • Partners can influence end users and help Spinnaker Support secure the sale

If you are interested in joining the Partner Program, please fill out the form or email [email protected].

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