Seven-Point Security Solution

Comprehensive Approach to Risk Mitigation

A unified security strategy across application, middleware, databases, and operating systems will help prevent and combat potential threats from bad actors. Our expert staff will partner with your team through our proven defense-in-depth process to provide vital advisement and recommendations on hardening and compliance measures across your system’s infrastructure.

Spinnaker Shield – Our Security Services

Our Third-Party Software Support offerings include our comprehensive security and vulnerability management services delivered by a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals who analyze, evaluate, and advise on your IT system for weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We tailor our recommendations to meet your system requirements and modifications.

  • Discover & Harden
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Assessments

We identify weaknesses and opportunities to improve the security of your systems by providing guidance on hardening techniques and configuration adjustments 

  • Audit Compliance

We work with your audit teams to help you adjust your controls to stay compliant under a third-party support model

    • On-Demand Vulnerability Management

    Our security staff is standing by to resolve your vulnerability concerns, even your customizations

    • Security Tooling

    In addition, we offer a suite of security products to complement your existing security to allow it to adjust to a third-party support model

    • Security Bulletins

    We continually evaluate OEM security issues and publish regular bulletins describing product vulnerabilities and best practices for improving hardening standards and mitigating these vulnerabilities.

    Spinnaker Shield vs. Software Publisher Patches

    While security patches aim to mitigate exposed vulnerabilities, the reality of vendor patch management is that the process often falls short of its goal, with final fixes for an exposure being released years ago.

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    Vendor Patching

    Vulnerability Management

    TIMINGPatches are not timely (can take months or even years to receive final fix).Compensating controls and configuration suggestions are relayed to the customer within days to weeks.
    SPECIFICITYPatches are one-size-fits-all and may be problematic for customizations.Receive fixes tailored to your system.
    VERSIONSPatches may not be available for older versions and applications.By addressing issues at the infrastructure level, you protect the entire stack, regardless of app versions.
    TESTINGPatches require valuable time to test and install.Isolate testing to the area effected by the vulnerability rather than the entire system.
    APPLICATIONOften organizations are too short staffed or don’t have a patch management system in place to regularly apply patches.Address the issue at the source and convey the proper hardening techniques.

    Proactive Security Solutions

    Spinnaker Support has partnered with strategic partners to implement our secure posture philosophy and offer interested organizations additional layers of protection. Our focus with this solution is three parts of the tech stack, which include:

    Tech Stack

    Security is standard to all operations at Spinnaker Support, with a philosophy embedded in our culture and how we deliver solutions designed with your unique system in mind. We invest in our own security posture to meet the necessary standards to ensure proper operations to obtain the following certifications:

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