Comprehensive, Responsive, and Affordable Oracle Demantra Support

Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support for enterprises running Oracle Demantra for demand management and supply chain managementSpinnaker Support’s third-party software support replaces Oracle’s annual support. It is always at least half the cost of Oracle-provided support and provides more services through an assigned support team and highly personalized service. 

When switching to Spinnaker Support, Demantra customers gain more comprehensive and responsive service, save an average of 62% on their support fees, and can remain on their current on-premise software release indefinitely. Customers trust us to keep their applications running smoothly, securely, and in compliance, and to help them navigate the journey from on-premise to hybrid to cloud. 

Why Replace Oracle-Provided Support with Third-Party Support

Support for your operational software is a mandatory expense, but not one that should put your IT budget in a hole. It’s critical to have 24/7 expert assistance to handle unplanned application issues, and support services should be comprehensive and fairly priced. 

Oracle-provided support for on-premise software is neither. Hundreds of global enterprises in nearly every industry have now migrated away from Oracle-provided support to our third-party alternative because: 

  • Oracle support fees rise each year by 2-4%, with no material benefits. 
  • Oracle increasingly relies on a portal-based, self-service model rather than immediate, live assistance. 
  • Oracle does not assist with customizations and integrations. 
  • They are tired of the long delay for responses of P2 and P3 issues. 
  • They feel forced into unjustifiable upgrades or unready cloud products. 

Third-party support is especially beneficial for enterprises that run Demantra, as all product versions (except Release 12.2) are only covered under indefinite Sustaining Support. As the final stage of Oracle’s Lifetime Support, Sustaining Support is the most expensive type of support with the least value to offer to end-usersIt excludes any new updates, certifications, security patches, or fixes. A majority of our Oracle customers come to Spinnaker Support because they recognize Oracle Sustaining Support for the raw deal that it is. 

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While Oracle focuses on selling more software and moving you to the latest release or Oracle Demand Management Cloud, Spinnaker Support is intensely focused on the quality and value of individualized customer service for your current Demantra implementation. We call it “support that is actually supportive.