Oracle Commerce Third-Party Support 

Extend the Life of Your Oracle ATG Web Commerce and Oracle Endeca Applications – and Realize Significant Savings

Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support for enterprises running ATG Web CommerceEndeca, and Oracle Commerce (the combined applications)Spinnaker Support’s third-party software support replaces Oracle’s annual support. Third-party support is always at least half the cost of Oracle-provided support and provides more services through an assigned support team and highly personalized service. 

When switching to Spinnaker Support, ATG Web Commerce and Endeca customers gain more comprehensive and responsive service, save an average of 62% on their support fees, and can remain on their current on-premise software release indefinitely.  

We can support these products stand-alone or in combination with our support of other applications, such as Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, Siebel CRM, and E-Business Suite. Customers trust us to keep their applications running smoothly, securely, and in compliance, and to help them navigate the journey from on-premise to hybrid to cloud. 

Why Replace Oracle-Provided Support with Third-Party Support

Software support is a mandatory expense, but not one that should put your IT budget in a hole. It’s critical to have expert assistance always available to handle unplanned application issues, and that service should be fairly priced. 

Hundreds of global enterprises in nearly every industry have now migrated away from Oracle-provided Support to our third-party alternative because: 

  • Oracle support fees rise each year by 2-4%, with no material benefits. 
  • Oracle increasingly relies on a portal-based, self-service model rather than immediate, live assistance. 
  • Oracle does not assist with customizations and integrations. 
  • They are tired of the long delay for responses of P2 and P3 issues. 
  • They feel forced into unjustifiable upgrades or unready cloud products. 

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Third-party support is especially beneficial for enterprises that run ATG Web Commerce, Endeca, and Oracle Commerce. Most ATG and Endeca products have moved to Oracle’s limited Sustaining Support model, and no versions of Oracle Commerce qualify for Oracle Premier Support.  

As the final stage of Oracle’s Lifetime Support, Sustaining Support is the most expensive type of support with the least value to offer to end-usersSustaining Support excludes any new updates, certifications, security patches, fixes, or tax and regulatory updates. A majority of our Oracle customers come to Spinnaker Support because they recognize Oracle Sustaining Support for the raw deal that it is. 

While Oracle focuses on selling more software and moving you to the latest release or Oracle Commerce Cloud, Spinnaker Support is intensely focused on the quality and value of individualized customer service for your current Hyperion products. We call it “support that is actually supportive. 


CASE STUDY: Lexmark Improves Oracle Support Quality & Lowers Cost with Spinnaker Support

Lexmark aims to be the world’s best global imaging solutions company. For over eight years, Lexmark’s call center and services have relied on heavily customized versions of Oracle ATG Commerce 11.2 and Oracle Siebel CRM 

Lexmark’s challenge was to discover a partner with deep ATG and Siebel knowledge that could take over from Oracle Support and help keep the business running during the anticipated migration. See how Lexmark discovered and transitioned to Spinnaker Support and reinvested the savings to fund continuous improvement and automation. 

Read the Full Case Study

The Advantages of Third-Party Support For ATG Web Commerce, Endeca, and Oracle Commerce

Many organizations are still reaping great value from their ATG Web Commerce, Endeca, and Oracle Commerce solutions. They use ATG Web Commerce to deliver a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience across the Internet, contact center, mobile devices, social media, brick-and-mortar stores, and other customer touchpoints. They apply Endeca for page management and layout, content placement, dynamic delivery of content, and personalization to the customer.

With Oracle’s aggressive push to Commerce Cloud, customers have grown concerned with Oracle’s lack of commitment to enhance and support current on-premise ATG and Endeca applications. Companies are relieved to find that our Oracle support is purpose-built to deliver more responsive, comprehensive, and affordable service for their enterprise applications and technologies. Spinnaker Support has no term limitations on support, regardless of whether Oracle has declared an End of Life to a release.

Organizations choose Spinnaker Support because we:

  • Immediately reduce the cost of support fees by an average of 62%
  • Deliver responses in less than 15 minutes, from Level 4 senior engineers in eight operations centers
  • Supply more comprehensive coverage, including for customizations and interoperability issues
  • Help extend the life of stable, customized, and productive applications, for as long as you need
  • Offer flexible commercial terms that match your licenses and business needs
  • Provide a safe haven until cloud solutions become right for your business

We have built and retained large, knowledgeable teams of Oracle support engineers to address virtually anything with ATG Web Commerce, Endeca, and your associated technology stack, such as older versions of Java. Our engineers average over 19 years of experience and help fill your knowledge gaps, ease your staffing constraints, and provide expert assistance for complex product and technology issues.

Included in Our Standard Oracle Commerce Support:

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General Inquiry Support
Security & Vulnerability Management
Technology Advisory Services

“Spinnaker Support engineers go above and beyond to resolve issues in a timely manner and helped us implement significant process efficiencies. The additional value of the advisory services has saved us time and afforded us substantial cost savings on consulting and implementation fees.”

What We Support

As a third-party vendor supporting Oracle Commerce customers, we are uniquely positioned to provide services across the entire product suite:

  • ATG Commerce

    • ATG Web Commerce
    • WebCenter Sites for Oracle ATG Web Commerce
    • ATG Web Commerce Merchandising
    • ATG Web Commerce Service Center
    • ATG Web Commerce Search
  • ATG Developer and Administrator

    • ATG Web Commerce Developer and Administrator
  • ATG Knowledge Manager

    • ATG Web Knowledge Manager
    • ATG Web Knowledge Manager Self-Service
  • Endeca Search

    • Endeca Guided Search
    • Endeca Experience Manager
  • Endeca Search Add-Ons

    • Endeca Relationship Discovery
  • Endeca Developer and Administrator

    • Endeca Developer

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