Third-Party Software Support Defined

Third-party support is a direct replacement of vendor support by a company that is not the original software publisher. In relation to Oracle and SAP, third-party support is always at least half the cost, extends the life of your stable, on-premise system, and typically provides more services through a designated team.

You are already familiar with the concept of third-party support — as a consumer. You may prefer a specialist (third party) to service your car in place of the dealer, and you likely call a third-party when it’s time to repair your washer, dryer, refrigerator, or home computer. They are trustworthy specialists who offer convenience and cost savings.

Third-party software support has existed for more than fifteen years. While it began with specific Oracle applications (JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, and Siebel), third-party support is now available for virtually any Oracle or SAP on-premise enterprise or infrastructure product set – including the newest release versions. Most third-party support vendors have teams of highly experienced engineers from consultancies, integrators, customers or the software vendors themselves.

Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support and managed services for Oracle and SAP enterprise software products. Spinnaker Support’s third-party software support replaces the vendor’s annual maintenance and support.  

Spinnaker Support clients gain more comprehensive and responsive servicesave an average of 62% on their support fees, and can remain on their current software release indefinitely. They trust Spinnaker Support to keep their enterprise applications and systems running smoothly, securely, and in compliance and to help them navigate from on-premise to hybrid to cloud. 

Included in Our Standard Support:

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Break / Fix
General Inquiry
General Inquiry
Security and Vulnerability Management
Technology Advisory Services
Transition services

Transition Services for New Customers

Transitioning from Oracle or SAP Support to Spinnaker Support should be easy, organized, and low impact. We have designed the entire onboarding experience to fully support the knowledge transfer of your practices, processes, culture, and technologies to our core team. This includes a well-planned and legal archiving process. Learn More

Comparing Third-Party Support with Oracle and SAP Support

Sadly, Oracle and SAP support have devolved in recent years into self-service models with slow response times and little value to organizations running stable software and systems. Third-party support is what today’s publisher support should be: comprehensive, highly-responsive, and personalized service at a fair price.

See how Spinnaker Support compares with Oracle and SAP on key aspects such as response times, assigned contacts, escalation, issue coverage, security, advisory services, term of support, and more.

When to Consider Switching to Third-Party Support

One primary motive for switching is when an organization is (1) migrating from one on-premise environment to another (e.g., JD Edwards to SAP), or (2) is migrating from an on-premise environment to the cloud (e.g., Siebel CRM to Salesforce).

The third-party support vendor maintains the existing environment until the migration is complete, and the customer receives excellent support and saves at least 50% on maintenance fees that can be redirected to fund the migration or another business initiative.

Third-party support is ideal for organizations that either need short-term cost relief or are in a longer-term state of financial hardship. Third-party support is a smart, safe way to achieve immediate cost savings and positively impact the organization’s financial performance.

Similarly, companies that are owned or partially funded by private equity firms are often mandated to grow quickly and/or dramatically reduce operating costs, and thus have become prime candidates for third-party support.

Today’s fastest growing driver of third-party support is the desire to innovate, often spearheaded by a journey to the cloud. Organizations adopt third-party support to go into “sustain” mode for their on-premise applications while they plan their way forward to the cloud.

These companies are perfectly content with their stable, functional on-premise applications and choose a third-party to maintain performance, security, and interoperability while they redirect the dramatic savings towards hybrid cloud solutions.

A Proven Support Replacement

Analysts estimate that thousands of organizations – of all sizes, from all industries, and in locations around the globe – are now on third-party support as a means to restore high-quality service at an affordable price. Some of our customers include:

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