SAP Support Services

Spinnaker Support’s SAP practice provides third-party support, managed services, and project-based consulting for mid-size to Fortune 100 global enterprises. Covering a broad range of on-premise products, our SAP team is highly experienced, averaging over 19 years of experience, with these products and the surrounding technology stack.

SAP Third-Party Support

Replace SAP-provided support with more personalized, responsive, and affordable service. 

SAP Managed Services

Augment your staff, fill capability gaps, and access the skills of global SAP Basis engineers. 

what's the difference

What’s the Difference Between Managed Services and Third-Party Support?

Your organization needs professional SAP assistance. This high-level overview will help you to distinguish the differences and benefits of Third-Party SAP Support and our SAP Managed Services. 


SAP Third-Party Support

Spinnaker Support’s core service is third-party support, which replaces the SAP-provided self-service support model at a fraction of the cost. From the start, you’re working directly with a dedicated, highly-skilled, and experienced team of SAP engineers. We follow the simple concept that “support should be supportive,” meaning personalized, responsive, comprehensive, and affordable. Select the products you run to take a deeper look. 

SAP BI Components
SAP Business Suite & Apps
Databases & Technology
SAP Sybase / ASE / IQ

BancTec – Case Study

“With SAP’s support, we never spoke with anyone. Now, with Spinnaker Support, it’s 3-4 times better than SAP was. We talk to a real person and have a real resolution. It’s like you found the switch to the light in a dark room.” – Craig McBroom, Business Analyst

More Client Success Stories

BancTec Case Study

SAP Managed Services

Spinnaker Support’s Basis and BI managed services augment or assume complete responsibility for a range of IT operational functions and/or day-to-day technology management. We offer distinct service packages that cover your ongoing needs related to SAP products and the surrounding technology stack. You can contract our managed services stand-alone or in conjunction with third-party support. 

SAP Basis
SAP Sybase / ASE / IQ