Navigating the SAP Maze: Overcoming Challenges,
Budget Constraints, and
Upgrade Pressures

Curious about what SAP’s recent support announcement and continued price increases mean for you? If you’re feeling forced to upgrade, you’re not alone.  Because your SAP annual renewal decision is fast approaching, we want to help you navigate the SAP maze.   
Join SAP expert Shawn du Plessis as he presents on the everchanging state of the SAP ERP road map. Based on the latest SAP news, adoption data, and public statements, Shawn walks you through the risks, rewards, and options. If you’re looking for informed insights and recommendations for your long-term ERP strategy, this webinar is for you. 

What you’ll learn

  • What SAP’s 5% increase in support fees and reduction in current support means for you
  • The state of SAP’s product roadmap today
  • Challenges facing SAP customers and why
  • Available options and programs, including RISE with SAP
  • Understand how third-party support gives you architectural freedom

Who should watch

  • IT leaders and executives looking for support for their SAP customizations
  • CIOs and CTOs contemplating SAP upgrades
  • Leaders of organizations who want to fund new projects by saving up to 62% on support

Meet the speakers

Speaker: Shawn du Plessis

Shawn du Plessis

VP SAP Global Support
Spinnaker Support