October 28, 2022

Bob Harland, Chief Delivery Officer

Across global industries today, digital transformation is paramount, and enterprise software applications play a vital role in this sea of change.  

Optimal performance of applications is critical. How so? Efficient software support and managed services, including a sophisticated IT service delivery model, are key components for a successful transformative journey.  They are the ingredients to service operations and customer experience excellence. 

A strong IT service delivery model is built on four foundational pillars that help leading companies thrive throughout their digital transformation journey.  

Four foundational IT service delivery pillars  

Integrated People, Process, and Tools   

  • Deep integration, seamless coordination, and 24/7/365 availability of experts and automation tools is key to ensure great customer experience
  • Implementing industry-leading practices, service operations optimization, and integrating cutting-edge AI technology and service management will streamline service delivery for superior incident management.

Incident Management Process and Governance   

  • Superior incident management begins by implementing a cultural practice of robust process governance.  A well-defined and pro-active framework allows companies to use all resources and tools to identify and prioritize incidents.  It further assigns ownership and accountability of incident management processes from response to resolution. 

Communication and Escalation Protocols  

  • The power of an effective communication process cannot be understated. Without a clear communication plan, a domino effect of failed processes and protocols take place, including hierarchical and functional escalation procedures and complex actions involving multiple stakeholders and clients. 
  • Companies often get bogged down by communication roadblocks and breakdowns during incident escalations. Service providers with a best-in-class communication model have streamlined processes and actions, that can support teams when escalation management is needed. 


  • It is vital to establish a framework that provides more transparency with customers throughout the service delivery lifecycle.  Charting a well-defined path for management and technical escalations helps service providers showcase achieved resolution results to their clients. At the same time, meaningful metrics and KPI reporting helps drive continuous service improvement for the lifetime of the relationship.     

 Spinnaker Support has long embodied the vision and knowledge to service clients through their digital transformation journey. We are well equipped to deliver comprehensive services with a delivery model that is anchored to the four pillars above. We always have your back, so you can keep moving forward, with certainty.   

Spinnaker Support’s service capabilities span Break/Fix Services, Security and Vulnerability Management, Global Tax, Regulatory & Compliance (GTRC), General Inquiry, Advisory services, and Managed Services for multiple software ecosystems, including Oracle and SAP. We bring flexible, extensible services that focus on reducing downtime and disruption. 

For more information, please visit us at https://www.spinnakersupport.com/oracle/third-party-support/.