For supported products, we answer general inquiries related the usage and configuration of standard (out-of-the-box) software, tools and applications.

Included with third-party support, Spinnaker Support answers general inquiries related to the products that we support for your organization.

Spinnaker Support offers customers access to our extensive network and technical experience so that they have someone to turn to with ongoing questions about the technology for which we are providing support.

General inquiry helps to cover your needs when you have questions such as:

  • “What do you think of…?”
  • “Have you ever seen…”
  • “How might I…?”
  • “Do you think this could work…?”

A distinct advantage of Spinnaker Support’s third-party support is that we act as members of your team, as partners in helping you to get the most out of your applications and systems. In comparison, Oracle and SAP deflect general inquiries to searches of their online knowledgebase.

We selected Spinnaker Support to provide ongoing support for our entire Oracle application landscape. They provide an exceptionally high level of support at an attractive price point and have quickly evolved into a natural extension of our own internal IT team. They consistently display in-depth Oracle application knowledge.

Examples of General Inquiries

Most general inquiries we receive involve existing or anticipated functionality or configurations. Customers submit most requests through our online ticketing system, after which we convene a conference or video call that brings together the necessary experts and stakeholders.

Some examples:

  • When upgrading a mail server, a customer requested advice on what to do for an application that only supports an older server version.
  • A customer needed to know how to allow banking transfers when the application uses TLS 1.1 cryptocurrency protocol, but the bank requires TLS 1.2.

Also Included in Our Standard Support

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