Included with third-party support, Spinnaker Support provides technology advisory services on a wide variety of topics. These services are an opportunity for customers to benefit from our extensive experience helping to solve similar issues for hundreds of other organizations.

Spinnaker Support offers you access to our extensive network and technical experience so that you are not alone when faced with new or complex technological issues. In comparison, Oracle and SAP generally deflect these types of inquiries to partners or offer advice largely biased towards their software solutions and services.

As a trusted third party, we provide impartial advice on your options, with no vested interest other than in your continued business success.

Areas of Technology Advisory Services

The follow list describes the most common areas of Advisory Services we provide:

  • Interoperability planning
  • Performance improvement planning
  • Roadmap planning
  • Cloud migration
  • Upgrade support
  • Installation support
  • System administration
  • Virtualization
  • License Compliance Assurance & Audit Defense

Cloud Migration and Roadmap Inquiries

We have become an increasingly popular enabler of cloud migration for enterprises that run Oracle and/or SAP. Besides the superior level of service, we facilitate cost savings and allow customers the time required to fully investigate and identify the optimal cloud migration or application strategy. Our third-party support includes regular and ad hoc executive meetings where we provide advisory services regarding roadmap options.

Virtualization and Containerization Inquiries

Virtualization, or containerization, is a popular option for improving the performance, reliability, and operational lifespan of older technology. As part of our standard support, our experts provide impartial advice on implementing the right virtualization solution to simultaneously meet your business goals and IT requirements.

License Compliance Assurance & Audit Defense

To drive more value for our customer community, Spinnaker Support has offers services to help ensure software license compliance and to help organizations better prepare and defend against ongoing audits. This can include:

  • License Readiness Review
  • License Compliance Assurance Checks
  • Formal Audit Defense Services

For example, A current large manufacturing customer contacted us for strategic advice regarding a planned operating system upgrade and migration away from IBM. Based on our recommendations and assistance, the client shifted part of a business process to a Windows server, resolving an iSeries/application incompatibility issue.

When Advisory Services Become Consulting

Third-party software support customers can ask us anything, and our expert team is dedicated to satisfactorily answering all inquiries. While in discussion, we may determine that additional development or hands-on work outside of the scope of third-party support will be necessary.

If this is desired by the customer, Spinnaker Support offers consulting services on a project basis. Visit our Consulting Services page to learn more.

Also Included in Our Standard Support

Third-Party Support
General Inquiry
Security and Vulnerability Management
Tax and regulatory compliance
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