Complete Support for your SAP Sybase Database

Spinnaker Support delivers comprehensive, proactive support services for companies running SAP Sybase (ASE) database products. Our third-party software support replaces SAP’s annual support for less than half the cost, providing highly personalized service from an assigned support team. 

You Deserve Better Sybase Support 

Following SAP’s Sybase acquisition in 2011, Sybase customers witnessed a steady decline in the commitment to deliver new innovations, enhancements, and appropriate support resources. It’s long fall from the days of 1-800-8SYBASE, the support hotline that once delivered fast responses from live, experienced engineers and developers.  

We Support

  • All Sybase database releases and editions 
  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Edition (ASE) 
  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Small Business Edition (ASE SBE) 
  • SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Edge Edition 
  • SAP Sybase Replication Server 
  • SAP Sybase IQ Server 

Today, Sybase customers are frustrated by slow responses, high costs, and less experienced engineers. SAP has slowed its development and increased its push for customers to migrate to a cloud solution they neither need nor want. Depending on what version you are running, you have different options.  

Sybase 15.7 & Earlier

Sybase 16.0
Your database is now past the SAP End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM), which means that aside from very basic support, you’re on your own.  Your annual SAP fees cover patches, hot fixes, and support packages. But at what point does the cost exceed the value of what youre receiving for Sybase enhancements? 
Your Options: Your Options:

  1. costly, time-consuming upgrade to the latest support package (SP) of 16.0 
  2. An expensive and even more difficult migration to another database technology 
  3. Third-party Sybase support from Spinnaker Support. 
  1. Remain on SAP’s support, paying high fees for potential upgrades through 2022 
  2. An expensive migration to HANA, HANA Cloud, or another database technology altogether 
  3. Third-party Sybase support from Spinnaker Support. 

No matter what release you runthe final option – Spinnaker Support – is the safest, most affordable, and lowest pressure option. Sybase support is our first priority – it’s more than just a steppingstone to HANA.  

PaperIt’s the Right Time to “Cut the Cord from SAP’s Sybase Support  

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