April 02, 2021

Ken Conz | Technical Service Manager

We’ve talked before about “cord-cutting,” the increasingly popular decision to turn away from the traditional personal and business services and technologies in favor of more cost-effective, convenient, and higher quality alternatives. Recent studies and reports indicate that this movement has, if anything, accelerated during the pandemic and economic downturn, as individuals and enterprises look for ways to trim costs – but not at the expense of quality of service.

And this brings me to Sybase.  

SAP’s current strategy appears to be to shift Sybase (and ASE and IQ) customers to HANA for the long term. Recent updates like SP04 are primarily meant to keep dedicated Sybase customers hooked on SAP’s pricey support while SAP whittles away at their resolve to remain on Sybase. As a result, Sybase customers have witnessed a steady decline in the commitment to deliver new innovations, product enhancements, and appropriate support resources.

What hasn’t changed is that your transactional data must be available at a moment’s notice. Your operations depend on Sybase running smoothly and efficiently. Any delay in support response can have an outsized impact on your business. If there’s any service that should be considered for cutting, it’s one like SAP’s Sybase support.

If you recall the days of the 1-800-8Sybase hotline, you remember that Sybase support was once live, immediate, and helpful. SAP customers are realizing less and less value from portal-based self-support and forced upgrades/migrations. This has fueled the rise of interest in third-party support, which aims to deliver the same – or better – high-touch, high-quality assistance for all priorities of support requests.

By switching to third-party Sybase support, you not only gain better quality and cost of support, but you can remain on your existing Sybase solutions for as long as needed to determine your product strategy.

Paper: All You Need to Know about Cutting the Sybase Support Cord 


We’ve addressed this transformation of support services in detail in a new paper, “Cut the Cord from SAP-Provided Sybase Support.” The paper discusses: 

Cut the Sybase Cord

  • The advantages of switching to third-party Sybase support,  
  • Why Sybase is an ideal product for alternative support,  
  • The differences between Oracle-provided support and third-party support, and  
  • How SAP will try to dissuade you from moving away from its own support, even when it isn’t in your best interest to stay with SAP Support.  

Cutting the cord is never easy, but third-party Sybase support makes it worth it. 

Download the Paper