Spinnaker Support
vs. Other Third-Party Support providers

Learn why Spinnaker Support is the most trusted choice for third-party enterprise software support

Third-party software support has become a popular choice among businesses seeking to take control of their software roadmaps, extend the life of legacy solutions, and re-allocate IT budget and resources to more strategic projects.

For many businesses, leaving the familiar status quo of receiving support directly from the software vendor is not an easy decision. That’s why it’s so important to select a third-party support provider who serves as a strategic partner, not just another vendor trying to close a deal.

Experience the Difference

Spinnaker Support
vs Other Third-Party Support providers

Spinnaker Support and Other Third-Party Support providers both offer a menu of third-party support, managed services, and consulting for enterprise software solutions such as Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. Below the surface, there are several differences between these two options.

Other Third-Party Support providers

Guaranteed Service

Will your provider guarantee the support experience you expect and deserve, whenever and wherever you need it?

Other Third-Party Support providers

Free From Legal Risk

Does your provider guarantee software license compliance and provide assistance in the case of an audit?

Other Third-Party Support providers

Commercial Flexibility

Does your provider let you pay on your schedule, with scope changes at any time?

Other Third-Party Support providers

Freedom From Vendor Lock-In

Does your provider offer flexible, collaborative support based on what you need instead of locking you into restrictive long-term contracts?

Other Third-Party Support providers


Spinnaker Support is the top-rated third-party software support provider

With software license compliance assurance, global tax and regulatory compliance updates, and security audit support, we take the risk out of third-party software support. Plus, our robust archiving and advisory services and flexible contracts ensure you’re never locked-in with us. If your IT roadmap takes you in a different direction in the future, we’ll help you go where you choose.

We provide an assigned team of engineers with an average of 20+ years of experience whose single goal is to help you succeed. We have a comprehensive set of services and won’t push expensive add-ons for basic requirements like interoperability or regulatory compliance.

The Spinnaker Ultimate Support Guarantee promises to deliver legally compliant service, resolve all issues with supported products, improve CIS security benchmark scores, maintain interoperability, and defend license compliance issues. If we fail to uphold this guarantee, we will pay the fees for you to return to the original software publisher.

Hear from some of our customers

Spinnaker Support engineers go above and beyond to resolve issues in a timely manner, and helped us implement significant processes efficiencies.


Spinnaker Support often responds within two minutes of our logging an issue, and the support skillset with Spinnaker Support has been so much better.


The onboarding process was extremely easy. Now we talk to a real person and have a real resolution. We should have done it sooner!


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