Switching Away from Oracle- and SAP-Provided Support Just Got Easier.

Spinnaker Support’s Ultimate Support Guarantee is your assurance that we will deliver on the support experience you expect and deserve, whenever and wherever you need it.

Making the move to third-party support should never feel like a risk, which is why the Ultimate Support Guarantee applies to the Initial Term of support paid by a new customer. While we guarantee for the entire initial term, we are confident that, within the first few months of working with Spinnaker Support, you will quickly realize how much more responsive and comprehensive the service is compared to OEM-provided support.

This service Guarantee is the first-ever available for third-party support. We stand by our customers and by our record of service. Hear about the Guarantee from Matt Stava, our CEO:

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How can we offer this Guarantee?

Spinnaker Support has an earned reputation for expertise and integrity. Our base of over 1000 customers annually rates us at 92% satisfaction, with an outstanding score for recommendation (Net Promotor Score of 62). We trust in our business model, engineering staff, and ISO-certified processes. This Guarantee simply brings that same level of confidence and commitment to our customers.

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What does the Guarantee cover?

It is well known that third-party support provides significant savings on annual software support fees. We designed this Guarantee to address the greatest concerns that enterprises have regarding the quality of third-party support: legally compliant service delivery, technical issue coverage, security, interoperability, and license compliance.

We will deliver legally compliant service

Spinnaker Support will not violate the license Terms of Use or intellectual property rights of the Licensor in the delivery of the Services

We will resolve issues with supported products

Spinnaker Support will resolve Supported Product issues, including those in the custom code layer of the Supported Products, consistent with industry-accepted practices and standards, and without the use of the Licensor’s proprietary compiled source code

We will improve the system security

Spinnaker Support’s security and vulnerability management Services will mitigate applicable system vulnerabilities and improve Customer’s CIS benchmark scores

We will maintain interoperability

Spinnaker Support will resolve interoperability issues consistent with industry accepted practices and standards on Licensor certified products.

We will defend license compliance issues

If audited by Licensor as a direct result of the Services, Spinnaker Support will reasonably defend Customer

How does the Guarantee protect your interests?

This Guarantee is our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of service. Under the conditions outlined in the full Guarantee, if we do not deliver the services listed above in your Initial Term and you wish to return to Oracle- or SAP-provided support, we will facilitate your return, including covering associated costs as outlined in the Guarantee.


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