August 24, 2022

Anthony Cefola | Vice President Oracle Global Support Services

In recent years, the rise of customer-focused service delivery has been at the core of IT services, including technical support for software applications. This continued focus lends itself to the introduction of next-generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in this domain. In essence, these technologies can drastically decrease the resolution time for service incidents, while also improving the overall customer experience.

Natural language search is an emerging use case of next-generation technologies that are based on an advanced computer science technique called natural language processing (NLP). This process uses vast amounts of data to run statistical and machine-learning models that infer meaning from complex grammatical sentences. Processing this data has become much more feasible over the past decade, as more and more data has become digitally available and computing power has been growing at an exponential rate. When applied to technical support, a search engine based on natural language search can help experts with the information they need to resolve service incidents faster and more efficiently.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that AI and ML-based research utilities can bring to technical support:

  • Improved expert and customer experience: Improving the technical expert experience directly translates to a better customer experience, and NLP delivers on both by providing relevant information to experts when they need it. Introducing AI and ML–based research in technical support enable experts to have relevant information readily available for augmented decision-making and faster incident resolution.
  • Operational efficiency: Technical expertise is at the core of any support service. However, infusing a search engine with AI and ML capabilities can accelerate decision-making and service response at scale. It should be noted that AI and ML should (and could) never replace human expertise, but they help improve overall incident resolution and make experts’ work easier.
  • Greater consistency and improved service quality: Leveraging an AI and ML-based search engine that derives insights from a common set of data can drive consistency in service response across technologies. As more data feeds into the search engine over time, the engine becomes more robust, delivering more accurate results for better service quality.

Spinnaker Support’s service capabilities span Break/Fix Services, Security and Vulnerability Management, Global Tax, Regulatory & Compliance (GTRC), General Inquiry, and Advisory services for multiple software ecosystems, including Oracle, SAP, and JD Edwards. We bring flexible, extensible services that focus on reducing downtime and disruption.

Our Break/Fix services help ensure that your software system is rapidly restored and functional. Keep your enterprise applications running with swift responses, ISO-certified processes, diagnostic services, product fixes, and processes and procedures for standard and custom code integrations (interoperability).

Coupled with our engineers’ extensive experience and expertise, our new, AI technology, “SAGE,” dramatically improves the support response-resolution time.

SAGE is a search utility that leverages Spinnaker’s many years of service, as well as its significant accumulation of data and various insights to address specific technical support issues. Using AI technology via machine learning and natural language search, SAGE taps into Spinnaker’s massive collection of service data — including our entire services portfolio and all relevant Spinnaker Support data and information, such as service tickets in tools, knowledge articles, technical documents, database sets, and publicly available information — to help our experts find the best solution to a client support issue.

When extended to our Managed Services portfolio, this knowledge and capability can add immense value to our customers with improved service responses. With ongoing investments in next-generation technologies, Spinnaker Support is at the forefront of innovation and service improvement. Spinnaker Support has always delivered world-class support, and SAGE is designed to improve support services even further — now and in the future.

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