February 24, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing 

In Part One of this blog post series, we reviewed the high-level findings from the third-party research report titled, “Winning Strategies to Achieve Salesforce Success.” The research delves into the key strategies that Salesforce decision makers, architects, developers, and administrators reported they used when conducting major Salesforce projects. In Part Two, we drilled down into the first winning strategy: how to kick off major Salesforce projects.  

In this post, we review the second winning strategy that revolves around every programmer’s favorite word: Agile. 

Winning Strategy #2: Be Agile – Roll Out New Functionality Incrementally  

Companies may be tempted to go with a “Big Bang” approach when rolling out new Salesforce features and functionality by releasing a large swath of updates across a business. There may be a time and place for that approach, such as launching a new cloud. But research indicates that method is more likely to fail than succeed and should be avoided unless absolutely required.  

The research recommends an Agile approach that allows businesses to release functionality at a consistent pace that users can absorb. Incremental deployments are less likely to disrupt a business and mitigate the risk of failure. This approach puts elements of the new features into play before an all-at-once approach could, and that generally makes for happier stakeholders, customers, and users. 

Here’s What Survey Respondents Had to Say: 

“Use an iterative approach not only to get the most important user stories handled first, but to keep making room for user feedback.” 

“What’s worked for us is creating precise, small rollouts. Keep sprint planning tight. Agile is not just a project management shift, it’s a mind shift to apply to every step of the work.” 

“Deliver changes incrementally starting with the biggest business problem, then addressing the next-biggest problem. This gets the most urgent needs fixed first rather than making everyone wait for everything.” 

“Plan the implementation to roll out in chunks and make sure users are involved throughout. A lot of their feedback on one release will inform your work on the next release.” 

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