February 10, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing 

A picture is worth a thousand words. We agree.  

This new infographic is based on a recently-published report, “Four Winning Strategies to Achieve Salesforce Project Success,” that identifies best practices to implement new Salesforce clouds and manage large projects.  

Don’t want to read the full report? Then this infographic is for you! First, we identify why companies face serious headwinds as they attempt to accomplish their Salesforce initiatives. But there’s good news too, so check it out when you need a break from your backlog. 

Blog - SFDC - TEC2021 Infographic Graphic

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What makes this report a great read is that it’s chock full of verbatim advice and lessons learned from your peers: Salesforce professionals that are making it happen.  

Spinnaker Support invests in third-party research so that the market has important insights about how to realize their Salesforce vision. 

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