February 24, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Integrity reporting is a sensitive topic for many JD Edwards admins and engineers. Notification of any imbalance in a software table is the equivalent of a five-alarm fire. Not good!

When integrity problems arise, financial reports are incorrect, which is a serious problem. At times, the culprit for integrity reporting issues and batch errors can be the interfaces.

In our newest video, Dale Wade, Spinnaker Support’s Manager of Support Services for JD Edwards, details how Application Managed Services helps customers proactively ensure that reporting is accurate, timely, and reliable. Dale also reviews how Spinnaker Support coordinates z-file processes for global companies, saving them time and eliminating their stress.

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Many JD Edwards customers are familiar with CNC technical managed services, which include proactive maintenance and monitoring, code updates, system health checks, and security review and design.

But Spinnaker Support goes beyond CNC services to offer an array of Application Management Services (AMS). With AMS, we become responsible for identifying out of balances for you – and then take action. Our customers appreciate the hands-on experience we provide because it makes their lives easier through staff augmentation, advisory, and additional technical know-how that’s ready at a moment’s notice to solve serious problems.

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