February 10, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Worried about Oracle’s lessening support for the JD Edwards platform? Having a tough time hiring experienced JD Edwards software engineers? Struggling to enhance your JD Edwards environment?

In our newest video, Spinnaker Support’s Brian Stanz (Vice President, Global Support Services) and Chris Polston (Director, Support Services) discuss how we help keep our customers’ JD Edwards environments operating well for the long term. This also increases the JD Edwards return on investment – which is what every CFO loves to hear. 

Brian and Chris cover the seven key benefits of CNC managed services and how these services help ‘future proof’ your JD Edwards platform. ‘Upgrade’ is not the answer for everything, nor is a generic fix. Our goal is to work with you immediately to address an issue, not make you wait for the latest patch or release. When you use Spinnaker Support CNC managed services, you receive a rapid response and resolution. This can include the use of proactive tools to monitor and analyze potential issues in the application and database – well before they can negatively impact your operations. If you are an IT manager, system admin, or executive who plays a role in maintaining, improving, and managing a JD Edwards ecosystem, then this short video is for you.

We’d Like to Work with You

Thank you for watching this video about how we help businesses around the world get the most out of their JD Edwards investment. If you would like to discuss how we can help you extend the life of your JD Edwards ERP or how we can help transition your company to a new version, please reach out today

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