August 12, 2020

August 11, 2020 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing 

Third-party software support is a popular replacement for SAP-provided application support. It’s a fraction of the cost, provides a more responsive and comprehensive service, and allows you to retain your reliable legacy SAP products for as long as you require. 

SAP’s recent extension of support deadlines doesn’t change the fact that in time, many of the enterprise products you rely on will reach End of Mainstream Maintenance or End of Life. With its ambitious revenue goals, SAP is putting the sales and auditing pressure on you to drive upgrades and commit you to its long-term Cloud product path. In the meantime, SAP continues to ratchet up your annual support fees while delivering less and less value for established on-premise products. 

One Alternative Is Third-Party SAP Support 

Spinnaker Support extends the lifespan of your legacy products for as long as you need by delivering expert SAP services through a global engineering team. While you wait for SAP to prove the value of their latest Cloud products, Spinnaker Support also provides cost relief, saving you an average 62% on your annual fees.  

Why waste your limited IT budget on expensive support for your stable, reliable SAP products? With the help of third-party support, you can redirect IT budget to more pressing needs while securing the time required to develop your strategic product roadmap. 

It’s about Time You Considered Third-Party SAP Support 

One constructive way to think about switching from SAP-provided support to Spinnaker Support is to envision the pathway as a timeline. In our interactive infographic, we’ve done just that, defining your journey through several stages of time: DiscoverTalkCancelDecideSavings, and Strategize. 

As you move along the pathway from time to time, you have access to twelve valuable resources that can help you to ask the right questions, calculate your savings, frame your business case, view example support tickets, and more. Click the image to be taken on your journey. 

SAP Timeline Infographic