February 5, 2020 | Iain Saunderson | CTO

At Spinnaker Support, our third-party Oracle support and managed services cover far more than just the application layer. Our services support the entire technical stack, from applications to databases to the cloud. Our Oracle services also include as standard areas that Oracle Support will not, such as customization, operating systems, and interoperability with third-party products.

Oracle Applications are never standalone products. Each is interconnected and surrounded by Oracle products, interconnected with other systems, and situated in a unique environment. Our engineers never lose sight of all the parts and pieces, including the underlying Database, Middleware, and Technology.

What We Cover in the Oracle Stack

The diagram below displays the most popular products we support at the different layers of the technology environment. It is not meant to be an exclusive listing, as there are hundreds of Oracle and other products that we help support.

Oracle Tech Stack - What's Covered

How does this play out for specific customers? Below are two examples of the same diagram, adapted for two real-world Spinnaker Support customers.

Example 1

CUSTOMER: Merichem, a global company serving the oil and gas industries with focused technology, chemical, and service solutions. This organization contracts for third-party software support.

Oracle Tech Stack Example Customer

Modules Supported: Financials, Human Resources, Oracle Time & Labor, Sales, Order Management, Inventory, Quality, Supply Chain Planning, Procurement, Process Manufacturing (OPM), Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), Self Service, Projects, iExpense, Integrations, and Application Administrator


Example 2

CUSTOMER: An international telecommunications and media company that offers a wide range of digital services to more than 51 million customers in 11 African and Latin American markets. This organization contracts for third-party software support and managed services.

Oracle Tech Stack Example

Understanding Your Custom Needs

The success of third-party software support is dependent on the fit between the customer and vendor. At Spinnaker Support, for every interested organization, we follow a seven-step evaluation process to assess support needs and align future support costs to the unique support use case.

In the initial steps – Validate, Discovery, and Scope – we work with you to understand your entire technology stack and uncover opportunities. Read more about this evaluation process.