May 04, 2017

May 4, 2017 | Karen Blazek | Director, Product Marketing

Most Spinnaker Support customers are transforming their businesses at a rapid pace to retain or gain competitive advantage. This is putting much pressure on IT resources, who are often expected to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions that support ongoing business transformation. Increasingly more IT projects deal with various forms of digital transformation. Spinnaker Support’s talented SAP and Oracle software engineers delivering our unique blend of third-party maintenance, managed services, and consulting, are assisting organizations to drive and execute innovation and digital transformation.

As popularly defined, digital transformation relates to the effective communication between two or more technologies. Digital Transformation is the accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way – with present and future shifts in mind. If you think about it, digital technology has been impacting our lives for 40+ years, for example, the adoption of cell phones.  Can you imagine carrying one of these around in your back pocket? Transformation can be a good thing.

So, what does Digital Transformation mean for your on-premise SAP or Oracle ERP system and how does Spinnaker Support help keep on-premise solutions operating at peak performance amidst the whirlwind of surrounding technology change and evolution? Much of the mega vendor research and development efforts are now focused on quickly bringing cloud solutions to market. Our customers leverage us to ensure they support the business today yet are ready to support the migration and transformation when they need to.

Increasingly more Spinnaker Support customers are taking advantage of the latest technology enhancements without replacing their on-premise core ERP applications. For example, they are implementing mobile solutions that deliver access to the Internet of Things (IoT), analytical tools, and cognitive thinking products without the need to upgrade to newer releases or to migrate to the cloud. We enable this “digital transformation” through providing a broad range of service offerings. Unlike the competition, Spinnaker Support goes beyond third-party maintenance by also offering application and technical managed services and strategic consulting engagements. Over a third of our customers have, at one time, leveraged two or more of our service lines.

How Spinnaker Support’s Services Enable Digital Transformation

  • We provide savings that are often redirected to help fund and accelerate innovation, digital transformation, and cloud migration.
  • Our experienced software experts are embraced as a true extension of the customer’s internal IT team and provide a wealth of technology advice (as part of every standard annual support contract) to help ensure interoperability, security, and strategic roadmap planning.
  • By consolidating service providers with Spinnaker Support, the customer receives a better-connected support and managed services-based deployment model (more closely resembling a SaaS deployment model), and therefore Spinnaker Support is helping to accelerate transformation and migration beyond simply helping to fund them.
  • We are being engaged in strategic planning and execution consulting projects and help customers migrate to more transformational solutions.

Customer Examples of Digital Transformation in Action

  • One of our customers, a multi-national leader of high tech solutions and information services, was rolling out new and more modern ERP, CRM, and PLM solutions that needed to interact with an existing on-premise ERP system. During the entire roll-out process, our support resources optimized the legacy system while our managed services gurus ensured necessary interactions between the new system and the old one.
  • Another customer, CSS Industries Inc., a consumer products company, engaged us to deliver a fully functional Mobile solution on an unsupported on-premise system, for use on their company issued iPads.

The bottom line, Spinnaker Support has emerged as a very valuable partner for customers to depend on as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.