February 22, 2017

Spinnaker Support provides more comprehensive support for less cost; our customers save on average more than 60% per year in maintenance fees. As part of our standard support offering, we integrate four distinct services under the one annual fee:

  1. Break fixes
  2. Tax and regulatory updates
  3. General inquiry support, and
  4. Technical Advisory Services

Technology advisory services, such as those provided by Spinnaker Support, are not offered as a standard feature of vendor maintenance and support. They are an incremental benefit for those making the switch to third-party support.

This blog focuses on Spinnaker Support’s extensive array of “unbiased” technology advisory services. We are a services provider. We aren’t trying to sell additional licenses or force-marching customers to a new release or to the cloud. Our technical advice, delivered by software engineers with about 20-years experience, is based on keeping your SAP and Oracle applications operating at peak performance – even while the surrounding IT landscape is in a constant state of change and evolution. Our goal is to help customers plan for, and then execute, their unique digital transformation and/or cloud migration strategies. Saving 62% on annual maintenance fees also helps them fund that innovation while freeing up key IT resources to focus less on support of the ERP system and more on delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that support ongoing business transformation.

We include these advisory services at no additional charge as part of our expansive support package.

Samples of Spinnaker Support advisory services and how we are helping customers

  • Interoperability:
    • To ensure what you are running now will work with future upgrades to other software or new software that is added to the infrastructure. For example, if you have to upgrade your operating system while on your current version of ERP, we will help you create a roadmap so that everything continues to work together.
  • Security and compliance:
    • We assist with approaches to software vendor auditing before and/or while on third-party support.
    • Guidance with developing controls or advising/consulting on architectural considerations to meet security and compliance requirements.
  • Application and technology stack roadmap planning:
    • Spinnaker Support can help develop a strategic, cost-effective roadmap that extends the life of existing enterprise applications as other technology stack components evolve.
  • Performance tuning and reporting:
    • Conduct health check assessments and reports, based on experiences in providing third-party support. This includes experiences based on common problems our engineers help resolve every day.
  • Virtualization:
    • Advise on technical and best practices for deployment technology that may not be compatible with new desktop operating system images.

How Spinnaker Support delivers these value-add services

Successfully delivering value-add advisory services, as part of ongoing application support, begins with hiring and deployment of great engineers. We hire well rounded software engineers who understand more than just the application they support. Spinnaker Support software engineers average almost 20 years of application/technology stack experience and are deployed from five regional support hubs (Denver, London, Mumbai, Singapore, and Tel Aviv). This approach allows us to provide follow-the-sun response. Each client is assigned a global team of engineers, led by a dedicated ASL (Account Support Lead). Our customers are consistently 98%+ satisfied, as documented in yearly satisfaction surveys.

Why SAP and Oracle don’t match Spinnaker Support’s specific advisory services

In a nutshell, Spinnaker Support takes a completely different approach than do SAP or Oracle. Our mission is to:

  • Be a support company first and foremost. We don’t develop software – our single focus is support.
  • Ensure your system is safeguarded at the application, technology and compliance layer
  • Keep what you have today working optimally, even while other technologies surrounding the application may be changing. We won’t push for costly and often unjustified upgrades or cloud migrations.
  • Restore a high quality and level of service, rather than driving increasingly more “self-support.”
  • Reduce your annual support costs to free up your budget.

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