September 15, 2023

Spinnaker Support is back for day three of Dreamforce 2023 and ready to share our session notes with you. We just left another riveting presentation, “AI and Data Keynote: Invest in Your AI Future,” during which we learned how Salesforce’s Data Cloud works with the new Einstein Large Language Model, pulling disparate and disconnected data into Salesforce for Einstein to learn from.

Because AI technology is still fairly new, 59% of consumers have a hard time trusting it with their information, which is an issue because AI needs to continuously consume data to provide lasting value. Fortunately, in Salesforce’s commitment to security, they’ve figured out how to pipe data into Einstein through their Data Cloud, without compromising their trustworthiness.

In case you weren’t able to attend this session, we have a number of key takeaways for you:

Salesforce’s Winning Combination: Data Cloud + Einstein Copilot

  • Data Cloud was only released last year, and now It’s become even more valuable in its ability to connect Salesforce with multiple data sources without an ETL — and used in tandem with Einstein Copilot, Data Cloud is performing far greater feats than expected.
  • This newly available data will benefit both traditional Salesforce use-cases and new AI use-cases.
    Rendering Einstein Trustable and Steerable
  • Einstein Copilot is a generative AI, which means it works when asked questions or given instructions — and the more context it’s given, the more accurate its responses.
  • Providing an Einstein with context is referred to as “grounding,” and it serves to embed record data into the prompt, which can then be populated with Flow.
  • Salesforce is assuming that most users won’t know how to write a good prompt, so they’ve created the Prompt Builder tool, which enables the admin to prebuild prompts that allow for a wide variation in response tones, comprehension, and language.

From this keynote session, it’s clear that Einstein functions as a helping hand, ensuring the user remains in charge of their experience — and at Spinnaker Support, we’re always in alignment with technology that empowers our customers.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce 2023 session coverage — and be sure to contact Spinnaker Support directly to chat about Salesforce’s newest improvements and how to apply them to your ecosystem.