September 14, 2023

Spinnaker Support is back at Dreamforce 2023 for another day of riveting sessions, and we’re ready to share more show-stopping highlights. “Sales Keynote: Accelerate Sales With Trusted AI for Everyone” just came to a close, leaving us with a much better understanding of how generative AI will boost productivity in every part of the sales process, from lead generation to closing the sale.

As mentioned in our coverage of the “Main Keynote,” Salesforce is integrating Einstein, its new Large Language Model, into every aspect of its technology — and we just learned that Einstein 1 for Sales (also known as Sales Cloud Anywhere) is on track to becoming one of the largest, most impactful innovations in recent Sales Cloud history. The promise? Salesforce leaders just claimed that this AI tool will virtually eliminate manual tasks from the sales process.

In case you weren’t able to attend this session, we have a number of key takeaways for you:

Einstein 1 for Sales’ Tight Integration With Sales Automation

  • Einstein can automatically perform a host of tasks that expedite sales and operations, such as drafting personalized emails from just a few simple prompts, creating follow-up reminders and scheduling meetings from emails and transcribed phone calls, qualifying and scheduling leads, and providing real-time insights.
  • When installed as a sidebar application for Chrome, Edge, Gmail, and Outlook, Einstein offers actionable insight on what’s being viewed, and supports those insights with Salesforce data.

Salesforce’s New Licensing Level: Unlimited Plus

  • In addition to their current licensing levels — Starter, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited — Salesforce just added the Unlimited Plus level as their most-premium offering.
  • Unlimited Plus offers all the features of their robust Unlimited level, with the addition of Sales Planning, Maps, Enablement, Slack, and Revenue Intelligence — all of which are either new or have, until now, only been available as add-ons to other licenses.
  • Salesforce has not released any pricing information for Unlimited Plus, as of this writing.

As we exited the session, and the information settled upon all of us, one thing was perfectly clear: Sales technology would never again be the same. Einstein 1 for Sales would forever change the landscape, becoming fundamental to the sales process with its ability automate tasks and deliver actionable insights quickly.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce 2023 session coverage — and be sure to contact Spinnaker Support directly to chat about Salesforce’s newest improvements and how to apply them to your ecosystem.