September 13, 2023

Spinnaker Support is attending Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2023 in San Francisco, and we’re proud to report back with the highlights. The IT Keynote: “Build Your Customer 360 With Trusted AI” just ended, leaving us all energized in anticipation of multiple product releases and improvements that target the more hardcore leaders and architects — perhaps most notably two distinct improvements that will dramatically increase the speed and accuracy of tracking developer changes.

For those who were unable to attend this session, we have a number of key takeaways for you:

Salesforce Announces Improvements to Sandboxes and DevOps Center

  • For nearly 10 years, developers/admins have had to rely on Salesforce’s tedious Change Sets tool to move metadata from developer sandboxes to production — but now, in strengthening their commitment to a more integrated and efficient DevOps process, Salesforce has announced improvements to its sandboxes and DevOps Center, saving countless organizations the expense and hassle of workarounds.

  • These improved tools enable the entire internal team — from entry-level admins to senior developers — to adhere to the same DevOps process while maintaining best-in-class version control.

Sandbox Improvements

  • The new Quick Clone and Quick Create tools will create sandboxes 2–3 times faster than before.

  • Sandboxes now have increased data storage.

  • Sandboxes now offer better data protection with new Data Masking, Anonymizing, and Substitution tools.

DevOps Center is Now Generally Available

  • Late last year, Salesforce made the DevOps Center Generally Available, supplying a drag-and-drop kanban board that can be used for moving changes between environments.

  • The DevOps Center’s improvements have enhanced the connection between existing version-control repositories and project-management software.

At Spinnaker Support, there’s nothing we enjoy more than increasingly seamless efficiency — and we’re delighted to see Salesforce’s improvements are aligned with that initiative.

Stay tuned for more Dreamforce 2023 session coverage — and be sure to contact Spinnaker Support directly to chat about Salesforce’s newest improvements and how to apply them to your ecosystem.