July 14, 2023

Do you know your Oracle Customer Support Identifier (CSI)? If you don’t have it handy, look for it on any Oracle JD Edwards World contract you have — regardless of whether the contract is expired or active, your CSI will be on there. You’ll need it in case you ever have to request a new SPC (Software Protection Code) and System 00 license key, as Oracle requires this information to generate a new SPC Code for your access to World software.

To use your JD Edwards World software on a new IBM iSeries machine, you’ll need to request new license codes from Oracle. For example, let’s say you want to perform a Disaster Recovery test on another machine, migrate from one machine to another, migrate from an on-premises machine to a cloud machine, or sign onto JD Edwards, but you receive some sort of SPC or licensing error when accessing menus/options (e.g. menu G01, A/B Entry). Regardless of which scenario, you’ll need to request a new SPC and System 00 install key to run JD Edwards World Software.

In the past, Spinnaker Support could head to the Oracle website, enter your information, and get the key for you. Unfortunately, though, in late 2021, Oracle changed the process for obtaining license codes, requiring you to have either an Oracle Sales Order Number or a CSI number for a 24-hour turnaround. And because we don’t have access to that information — or retain it in our system — Spinnaker Support can no longer request Oracle license codes on behalf of our clients. The CSI, SPC, and System 00 license keys are for Oracle software that does not belong to Spinnaker.

Steps To Request New SPC And System 00 License Key

So, if you need to request a new SPC and System 00 license key, here’s how to do it:

1. Go to http://licensecodes.oracle.com.

2. Scroll down until you see “Request license codes” in the black bar, and click on the link.

3. Fill out the form:

1. Customer Type (End User).

2. Product Name and Version (e.g. WorldSoftware A81 cume 1).

3. Customer Support Identifier (CSI #) — Completing this step properly is critical to avoiding a delay in receiving your codes. At the top of the form it says, “If you are requesting a license key … provide your … Customer Support Identifier (CSI) to demonstrate entitlement. Incomplete requests will cause processing delays.” These delays could turn into days, if not weeks, while Oracle confirms your entitlement.

4. How can we help you? — You’ll need to include a reason for your request, what you want, which product and software version you’re using, the serial number of your new machine, the number of users on it, and the expiration date (we suggest listing an expiration date of 12/31/2029). If you don’t know your serial number or the number of users you are licensed for, you can get that information from either your current machine or your new machine:

1. Current Machine: Go to menu G94, option 14 (JDE System Values). You’ll find the expiration date in the “Software Expiration Date” field, and the number of users in the “Software Licensed Users” field. Remember, we recommend requesting an expiration date of 12/31/2029.

2. New Machine: Enter the Display System Value command, DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR to display the serial number of your new machine.

5. Example Response: We are migrating from on-premises to cloud. I need an SPC and System 00 License Key for World Software version A8.1 cume 1. Serial Number=xxxxxxx, Users=xxxxx, Exp Date=12/31/2029.

4. Depending on what time of day you submit the form, you may receive the SPC and System 00 install key later that afternoon or the next morning — It takes about a day.

5. If you don’t hear back from Oracle within 24 hours, call them at 1-800-223-1711 to request an update. Let them know that you’ve already waited for 24 hours but haven’t heard back.

6. Spinnaker Support can assist you in submitting the License Request Form via screenshare, but we cannot do it for you —and you MUST know your CSI number.

7. If you absolutely cannot locate your Oracle Sales Order Number or CSI number, you can still submit the form. That said, it will take significantly longer — from days to weeks — to receive your license codes, as Oracle will have to verify your entitlement. It is always better to know and enter your CSI number, especially if you’re in a hurry to receive your new license codes.

8. Once you have your new SPC and System 00 install key, we can assist you in applying them.

Just remember to keep your Oracle CSI number accessible. In the event that you need a new code generated, so that you can continue using your licensed version of JD Edwards World, Oracle will demand you supply it.