July 06, 2023

As the saying goes, if you’re not ahead, you’re bound to fall behind — and as a leader in Salesforce Managed Services, Spinnaker Support is committed to staying ahead of the curve… way ahead. That’s why we’ve just joined forces with another giant in the industry: Tricentis, a global leader in continuous testing and quality engineering for Salesforce. By leveraging Tricentis’ best-in-class test-automation platform, Spinnaker Support is bolstering the value of its Salesforce Managed Services for U.S. enterprises, adding test automation to increase the efficiency and accuracy of its services.

Who is Tricentis?

Recognized as the world’s top continuous testing platform for Salesforce, Tricentis has been credited with reinventing software testing for DevOps, cloud, and enterprise applications. Their AI-based, continuous-testing portfolio offers a unique and innovative approach that addresses both agile development and complex enterprise-software applications. Using a codeless automation solution, the Tricentis platform works to speed up Salesforce testing times while reducing the risks of updating Visualforce customizations, MuleSoft integrations, and AppExchange extensions (including nCino and CloudSense).

How Spinnaker Support’s Customers Benefit From Our Newest Testing Capabilities

Spinnaker Support’s Salesforce Managed Services customers are invited to view the implementation of this strategic tool as a service upgrade. Using Tricentis’ fully automated platform increases our delivery quality and reduces our manual-testing efforts, helping you accelerate your digital transformation by dramatically increasing your software-release speed, reducing your costs, and improving your software quality.

We are confident in Tricentis’ ability to deliver the most comprehensive support for testing business processes across your entire Salesforce ecosystem. As a Spinnaker Support Managed Services customer, you can now expect to…

  • Save up to 20% on testing time — Our delivery team no longer has to test each new feature in each of your environments as it’s moved to production. Instead, your assigned Quality Assurance engineers will create an automated test script that will run in each environment that the change affects on its way to production.
  • Meet with Spinnaker Support less often — Because of automatic bug detection, we’ll no longer need to meet with you to retrace steps leading to various issues, capturing screenshots for each step. Troubleshooting takes only minutes now.
  • Receive more reliable results. Even when experts perform testing manually, human error is unavoidable. With continuous automation, your results carry even greater consistency and reliability.
  • Gain a Master Test Library. As Tricentis accrues information during testing, it begins building a regression-testing repository. These previous test cases will be recycled, remapped, and executed within minutes, using automation for every environmental strategy. Over time, an increasing number of Salesforce features and functions will have automated test coverage, giving you immediate comprehensive regression testing.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Tricentis’ continuously automated testing internally, feel free to reach out with any questions.