May 31, 2022

Spinnaker Support is pleased to add our new Center for Internet Security (CIS) SecureSuite membership to our already robust cyber defense toolbox. CIS Benchmarks are recommended as industry-accepted cyber-security standards and are used by organizations to meet strict compliance requirements for FISMA, PCI, HIPAA and other standards.

Our security assessments will now include comparing our clients’ systems to CIS benchmark recommendations on a 0–100 scale. SecureSuite will help us suggest solutions for clients to implement to increase their level of conformance with the benchmarks.

The CIS makes the internet safer and more secure for individuals, businesses, and government entities through collaboration and innovation. It’s a community-driven nonprofit, responsible for CIS Controls® and CIS Benchmarks™ – globally recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data.

CIS benchmarks are not derived from the perspective of any single vendor; they’re created through a unique, consensus-driven development process, with security professionals and technologists worldwide contributing to the development of each CIS benchmark.

The benefits of CIS SecureSuite membership CIS SecureSuite Membership for service providers lets us use the CIS’s membership resources (e.g., CIS benchmarks, CIS-CAT Pro, build kits, and CIS controls) in auditing and securing our clients’ systems. Security consultants worldwide use SecureSuite resources to help their clients assess their security posture, monitor conformance over time, develop configuration policies and reports, and share their compliance status with auditors and business partners.

This CIS leads a global community of IT professionals in evolving its standards continuously, providing products and services to help safeguard companies from new and emerging threats. The CIS’s Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (MS-ISAC®), is a trusted resource for cyber-threat prevention, protection, response, and recovery for U.S. federal, state, and local government entities. The Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center® (EI-ISAC®) supports the cybersecurity needs of U.S. elections offices.

We’re happy to offer our clients these powerful new benchmarks as part of our services and look forward to helping companies mount the best possible defense against cyber attacks.