May 10, 2022

Updated on May 15, 2023

Is Oracle 12c On Your Mind? It’s on Ours.

Oracle Database version 12c moved into Sustaining Support on July 31st, 2022. As you know, Sustaining Support is the last and indefinite stop on Oracle’s roadmap for a particular version. The support received under the Sustaining level becomes quite limited, with no bug fixes or new security patches.

But what if you love this very stable version of Oracle Database?

Well, we have an OnDemand webinar that discusses this topic with Martin Biggs, Spinnaker Support’s GM for the EMEA region and one of our customers. His unique view of the enterprise database market comes from many years as a leader in complex IT services organizations. Martin presents 12c customers’ options – including one allowing you to stay on 12c with full support for as long as you like.

Adding to the discussion is Amol Ghadge, the Manager of Storage and Database Services at Danske Bank. Danske Bank has been a customer for over a year, and Amol has quite a few years of experience with databases for several organizations.

Click this link to access the OnDemand webinar and contact us today if you want to speak to someone about the option to stay on 12c indefinitely with full support.