April 13, 2022

You buy and deploy core business software to run your systems and pay handsomely to do it. The obvious thing to do to keep those systems running perfectly is to make sure you have a software maintenance contract from the company that sold you the software, right?

Maybe at the beginning of the deployment that may well be the case, but as your systems get a bit older you may find the support you receive from your software vendor is potentially not as good as before and will usually become a lot more expensive.

This is what Oracle customers are finding out, to the detriment of their company’s IT spend and software security.

Vice President and General Manager from EMEA, Martin Biggs, has analysed this topic in detail and has given his rundown of the five things enterprises need to know about Oracle support for Technology Magazine. From support packages and security to cost and the age old topic of being “locked in” – Martin covers all of the elements IT leaders need to consider.

To read Martin’s thoughts on this topic in details, click here for the full article in Technology Magazine.