March 30, 2022

For most modern enterprises, data is the ultimate asset. That’s why, in recent years, one of the key strategies for successful businesses we’ve assisted is the improvement and transformation of all aspects of the data infrastructure. Regardless of whether the database is Oracle, SAP, Microsoft or open source, the focus on data availability, accessibility, and security can pay off handsomely. 

We also see that businesses quickly run into a number of roadblocks put there by their legacy database platforms. While older platforms have the advantages of stability and customization, they may not easily integrate with cloud-based solutions or the latest ERP, or they may not be well tuned or configured for security. This can put a business at competitive or operational risk. 

Aberdeen Strategy & Research has come to a similar conclusion. In recent research, they determined that the organizations that lead their markets are the ones that have deployed database modernization strategies. By re-designing their data foundations, they have reduced data complexity, improved overall security, and increased their ability to be agile and innovative. 

Aberdeen discusses the latest trends in enterprise database strategy in “How Leading Organizations Optimize Their Database Infrastructure for Modernization and Cloud Migration.” This new knowledge brief applies recent market research to discuss the challenges and missteps that can come with database modernization and how leaders effectively build a data infrastructure foundation. 


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