January 24, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Even after three decades, JD Edwards World is still running strong for many organizations – which is a remarkable testament to the quality of the product. Today, it’s still a vital platform for hundreds of successful companies.

Yet, the signs are clear that Oracle wants to end the (platform). JD Edwards World customers are at a crossroads of epic significance. The questions IT executives are forced to ask themselves are simply: “Do we stick with World?” And if so, “What is the best way to support and sustain World?”

In our newest video, Brian Stanz, Spinnaker Support’s Vice President, Global Support Services for JD Edwards, details what IT decision-makers need to know about Oracle’s looming abandonment of the long-running JD Edwards World platform.

Brian also reviews the steps you can take to protect your legacy ERP now so that you do not feel rushed into deciding whether to switch to EnterpriseOne or to a different ERP solution altogether.

Your World Is Also Our World! We’re Here to Help.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you extend the life of World or how we can help transition your company to a new version, contact us today.

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