January 10, 2022

John Lange | Senior Manager, Product Marketing

The threat of malware, ransomware, data breaches, and compromised passwords results in many sleepless nights for system administrators, IT directors, and the C-suite. It seems like a week doesn’t pass without news of a company being hacked or damaged due to bad network security and related practices.

Failure to implement a smart approach to security can be costly – if not catastrophic – for your business. And add to that list ineffective data recovery processes. Without question, system security is an ongoing battle, and no one has a 100% guaranteed solution. But there are smart steps you can take to mitigate security risks for your ERP.

Many service providers (including third-party support vendors) shy away from the topic of ERP security. But not Spinnaker Support. Our JDE consultants actively engage in robust conversations with our customers about their security approach, regardless of their version (EnterpriseOne, World, or OneWorld).

In our newest video, Spinnaker Support’s JDE veterans Brian Stanz (Vice President, Global Support Services) and Chris Polston (Director, Support Services), demystify three critical security topics: 1) authorization security, 2) authentication security, and 3) ransomware mitigation.

Ready to Up Your Security Game? We’re Here to Help.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you balance security and performance in your JDE environment, or if you need help recovering from an attack, please give us a call.

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