August 04, 2021

Shawn du Plessis | VP, SAP Global Support Services

Last year in my annual “State of SAP” webcast, I addressed the implications of SAP’s support deadline extension for core applications of SAP Business Suite 7 (ECC). I covered the impact of the extension and how it relates to the S/4HANA strategic road map.

A year later, we have even more evidence from which to assess the direction of the market. I’ve continued to compile SAP’s statements, analyst’s assessments, and publicly available data to understand – and share – what I believe is actually happening in the market. The result is my latest video, “What Should My Plan Be for SAP?”

The on-demand recording covers:

  1. The current state of SAP’s product roadmap today
  2. The real challenges facing SAP customers – and why
  3. The available options and programs, including RISE with SAP
  4. Updated recommendations for ECC customers
  5. How Spinnaker Support offerings fit into the ERP road map

Watch the on-demand video to get the facts. Then reach out to our SAP team for additional details.