January 22, 2021

Ken Conz | Manager, Technical Support Services

In my experience, it is not unexpected to feel some “seasonal SAP support buyer’s remorse” at the start of the year. You may be asking yourself:

  • Should I have renewed those expensive SAP support contracts yet again?  
  • Am I paying more this year for SAP-provided support that we’re using less?  
  • Where do I even start to look for viable support alternatives? 

Now that it’s 2021, you have the opportunity for a fresh start, to work towards significant cost savings and higher quality service. No matter what reason moved you to renew with SAP – playing it safe, potential upgrades, inertia – that’s all behind you now.  

The best news is that since most SAP support contracts are not due for renewal until the fall (Sybase being a notable exception), you have plenty of time to discover all you need to know

You Have the Advantage of Time, so Ask the Right Questions

In 2021, start your discovery process early, so you have enough time to prepare. These can include: 

  • What exactly is third-party SAP support? 
  • What services will you gain, and what will be different? 
  • How does third-party support work for products that are nearing End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) or End of Life (EoL)? 
  • What is the experience level of the engineering team you’ll be working with? 
  • How does an alternative support vendor price the service? 
  • What are the service-level agreements (SLA)? 
  • What is the transition process like, and how long does it take? 

It’s the Time to Discover Third-party Support

If you’re dissatisfied with your SAP support, there’s no better time to decide that this is the year to take control of your SAP support/maintenance spend. So shake off that remorse and begin the new year by evaluating your strategic options! 

Begin your journey by visiting our interactive infographic “It’s About Time” which walks you through the whole process through 2021 and beyond. The “Time to Discover” section offers ideas and resources to help start your research.


It's About Time Infographic