January 05, 2021

Shaun Forshey | Vice President, Customer Success

At the close of 2020, Spinnaker Support conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey to inform us about what we are doing well and how we can improve. The executive team and managers carefully review the results, reach out to customers if needed, and share this valuable feedback across the company.  

Why an Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey? 

At Spinnaker Support, we take voice of customer seriously. The responses help us create an even better partnership with our customers. The survey plays an important role in our annual planning process as it captures the overall sentiment of how customers feel about our services.  

This survey complements the requests we receive on individual support tickets through our JIRA system. We prefer estimating satisfaction on a yearly basis, as it captures the entire business relationship from technical support to account management to customer success, rather than relying on only ticket outcomes. 

The Result: Satisfaction Remains Best in Class 

This year’s survey generated an impressive number of responses from our global customer base. We appreciate the continued thoughtful feedback and stellar reviews. 

A new question in this year’s survey was the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The NPS is a measure of how likely a customer would refer Spinnaker Support within their peer network. Most companies in the professional and technical services average an NPS of 40. The Spinnaker Support NPS came in at 79, nearly twice the industry average!  

Customer Service Rating 2020

Another new question asked how important our services are to our customers. 86.3% of respondents view Spinnaker Support as Critical or Important to the work they do. This question validates our mission of partnering with our customers on vital support solutions (and cost-effectively). 

Our overall customer satisfaction score from respondents was 98.7%, which we believe is the highest-rated level for any vendor that delivers Oracle, SAP, or Salesforce software support.  

Customers rated us on the following categories: service quality, responsiveness, issue follow-up and resolution, functional and technical knowledge, and our understanding of their businesses. These responses are also in line what we hear through Gartner Peer Insights

Planning Trends for the Near Future 

The survey also indicates what our customers plan to do in the future. As you can see from the chart below, most of our customers have major technology initiatives over the next one-to-three years. This vital data helps inform the decisions we make to stay aligned with customer needs. 

What Our Customers Say: 

My favorite part of the survey is reading the thoughtful comments from our customers. I also delight in forwarding this information to our managers so they can share it directly with their teams.  

Here is a sampling of what our customers said: 

“Each time we have come to an impasse Spinnaker Support has been there to provide direction or hold our hand.” 

“We have never had an issue that Spinnaker Support could not resolve. Even with very difficult, never seen before issues, Spinnaker Support never gives up until it has been resolved!!! Amazing!!!” 

“In the past we experienced a system crash, and our data dictionary became corrupt. Spinnaker Support came to our aid to resolve the issue in a prompt manner. They were a life saver.” 

I’ve had nothing but fantastic support from Spinnaker Support over the years, both directly and indirectly. It is comforting to know that if things get too rough for me or my users, I can reach out and get flawless and comprehensive support every time.” 

Our Spinnaker Support team is already phenomenal about understanding our needs and anticipating potential problems…and finding solutions to help us organize continuous improvement tickets into monthly releases.” 

We Appreciate the Candid Feedback 

As with all our annual surveys, we ask the question, “What recommendations, if any, do you have that would help us improve our service?” Answers to this question play a central role in our strategic planning process and for our ISO certification.  

I’d also like to thank several of the respondents for their humorous suggestions. One respondent said we should hire fortune-tellers! Well, we have exciting plans for 2021, so stay tuned for updates in the first half of the year. 

If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to reach out to contact me and the Customer Success team.