October 13, 2020

October 13, 2020 | Martin Biggs | Vice President & General Manager, EMEA

Many organisations come to Spinnaker Support after choosing Oracle’s Sustaining Support, because they no longer receive the full value they require. The cons of Sustaining Support outweigh the pros, and we’ve outlined these in this five-minute video. 


1. Access to all major product and technology releases

2. Access to 24/7 technical support

3. Access to the My Oracle Support Portal


1. It’s expensive!

2. No new software updates

3. No new security alerts and updates

4. No new critical patch updates

5. No new upgrade tools and scripts

6. No more tax, legal, and regulatory updates

7. No access to Oracle Platinum Services

8. No new certifications for Oracle products/versions

9. No new certification with third-party products

10. No issues fixed with customised code

11. Pay for Oracle Support and external managed service

Third-party support is not just a different operational model. We also save Oracle customers an average of 62% off their yearly Oracle support bill and deliver on our promise. With a customer satisfaction rate of 98.6%, we’re not merely sustaining the customer, we’re helping them succeed! 

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