August 19, 2020

August 18, 2020 | Chad Stewart | Vice President, Global SaaS Support Services 

In June, I wrote about the challenges of hiring in today’s Salesforce market. Using publicly-available statistics, I built the case that skilled Salesforce Dot Com (SFDCprofessionals are scarce, hiring them presents unique challengesand even new hires can easily be lured away by higher pay and more benefits.  

With so much at stake, it’s natural to wonder if the effort and expense of hiring – not to mention the emotional rollercoaster ride – is even worth it. Observant readers of that post challenged my assertions. If it’s so hard to hire,” they asked, “how does Spinnaker Support build its own team of professionals?”  

That’s an excellent question, and one I’ll address in this follow-up post. 

Building a Services and Consulting Team 

I’ve worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for over a decade, so understand how difficult it is to locate and hire Salesforce rock stars. Fortunately, my past hiring experiences have equipped me with a solid foundation for navigating the challenges of building a team.  

Hiring success depends on the mindset of your company. When I arrived at Spinnaker Support, I recognized three immediate advantages that reaffirmed why I joined this company: 

  1. From the executive level on down, we have built a culture around personalized, customer-first service (with 98.6% satisfaction levels) that attracts like-minded professionals. 
  2. We focus on holistic and long-term growth for our customers. 
  3. We have fantastic internal recruiters who understand our service offerings, the skills we are seeking, and the Salesforce ecosystem to enable us to recruit the best talent 

What I mean by the second point is that we target challengers and leaders who want more than just a paycheck. These individuals are always looking to increase their knowledge, delivery skills, and business impact. We fuel that drive with competitive compensation and benefits package and opportunities for career coaching and mentoring to reach the next level and beyond.  

All of this is possible with a stable, private, and growth-focused company. Because we’re a fast-growing company, our new engineers become part of a diverse team serving many new clients. Our SFDC resources will never get bored. 

What We Look for in Our SFDC Engineers 

Beyond what we have to offer, we’re successful because we exclusively hire experienced business professionals, not junior admins or inexpensive overseas teams. These are seasoned hands who already understand our clients’ industries, Salesforce environments, and the business problems they are attempting to solve with CRM technology and beyond.

We seek out individuals who already have a combination of general skills, like proficiency with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and expertise with less common products, like Analytics Cloud, Community Cloud, CPQ and Billing, and Field Service LightningWith Salesforce certifications and years of hard-earned, on-the-job experienceour employees act quickly and confidently to solve our client’s technical issues and business process needs. These are all “A” players.  

Unlike some larger consultancies, we do not cultivate a “B” or “C” team.  Our engineers all want a constant challenge, rewarding work, and a culture of collaboration and inclusiveness. When you hire the right people for the right jobs, they stay and grow in their roles.  

That enthusiasm and confidence carry over to our customer relationships as well. Just as with our Oracle and SAP managed services teams, we are a long-term partner, invested in the success of our customers. 

That’s Why We’re Not Worried about the Skills Gap  

I feel extremely fortunate to be leading this growing managed services team. We are well-positioned to help organizations with their immediate Salesforce needs, saving them from the considerable challenges of hiring additional Salesforce staff. Our agile processes, can-do attitude, and highly competent employees are here to help.

Reach out and contact me for more information on our packages, pricing, and outstanding people.