May 12, 2020

May 12, 2020 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing

Call it what you will – around the clock, 24/7/365, or follow the sun – it all comes down to the same thing for us at Spinnaker Support: complete coverage for our customer’s support and service needs. It’s embedded in our Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), our ISO-certified processes, and what we mean when we say, “Support that is supportive.”

Let’s break down how this promise plays out for customers.

Worldwide Coverage from a Truly Global Team

Our support model is based on our desire to establish a strong, interactive relationship with the organizations we serve. When we onboard a new customer, we immediately assign a named Account Support Lead (ASL) in the same region as the customer. We then build a global team with the appropriate expertise and availability for the locations, products, and modules we are supporting for that customer.

When our customers engage us, they work with these engineers, getting to know and trust them as much as anyone on their own internal team.

With ten sales offices and eight major strategic support locations across the globe (see figure below), we support customers every hour of every day, as the sun travels, with no disruption in service. We support customers in over 100 countries and in 14 languages. Even during global crises or downturns, our service continues without a hitch.

Spinnaker Support Locations

Our 24/7/365 Support Process

High priority tickets (P1 and P2 issues) responses are guaranteed within 15 minutes, and the priority level is defined by the customer. The ASL or other senior team member responds in minutes and begins to diagnose and resolve the issue – even if it originated in custom code or an integration. For tickets of lower priority, SLAs provide equally reasonable response times, generally within a day or earlier.

At Spinnaker Support, our global team works P1 and P2 issues through an efficient hand-off process from one team member to another using an automated email and alert system. If your ASL is unavailable (e.g., outside of standard hours or on vacation), the system quickly alerts the secondary contacts who then pick up the case. Because the assigned team is already familiar with the specifics of the customer’s deployment, the hand-offs are smooth, and issues are quickly resolved.

Fast Support, Whenever and Wherever You Need It

We believe that responses to tickets should arrive within minutes, not days. Therefore, third-party software support delivers a completely different approach and philosophy from that of Oracle or SAP. The leading objective is to ensure that every issue presented is successfully resolved in a timely manner.

Spread over the globe, our engineering teams have seen it all and can support the application versions you run within a wide range of the combined surrounding technologies. Their deep experience means that, whether you’re in San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, or Sydney, you have an always present, trusted partner to ensure that your applications remain available, effective, and secure.

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