November 26, 2019

November 26, 2019 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing

In a previous blog post – What Is the Future of SAP ASE / Sybase? – we explored the idea that – based on some public indicators – SAP may be winding down its promotion and support of SAP ASE and Sybase. The first of these was the declaration of the End of Mainstream Maintenance (EoMM) for ASE in late 2025 (SAP Note 1922006).

The good news, as we see it, is that irrespective of SAP’s product roadmap for the next five or ten years, customers who own SAP ASE and Sybase will always have the option to remain on Sybase (or ASE or IQ or SQL Anywhere) for as long as they want. That option is third-party Sybase support.

Customers Clearly Love SAP ASE and Sybase

When version 16.0 was released in 2014, SAP reported an impressive 97% customer satisfaction rate. Five years later, we continue to see strong evidence of this dedication to the product.

We recently sponsored third-party research to help us understand what SAP ASE and Sybase customers are thinking, and the loyalty to Sybase products remains steady:

  • 53% of the responding organizations have decided to stay with the system.
  • A third of that group will maintain their current Sybase installation as long as possible
  • The other two-thirds are opting to upgrade to 16.0, the latest version.

Download the full research report to learn what SAP ASE and Sybase customers are planning for their strategic roadmaps.

How to Sustain Your SAP ASE and Sybase Systems

The Sybase EoMM and the rising cost of SAP-provided support have put IT leaders on the defensive, pressuring them to make a premature decision regarding the future of their stable, reliable Sybase solution. Organizations that wish to extend the life of Sybase and buy time to consider or plan their migrations have turned to alternative third-party support and managed services offerings.

Third-party SAP ASE and Sybase support is a less expensive and more comprehensive alternative to standard SAP-provided support. Included standard with our support:

You love SAP ASE and Sybase and want to remain on it. We’re here to help.

It’s an ideal time to investigate the details and benefits of our third-party SAP ASE / Sybase support and managed services.

With third-party support savings, you can lower the overall cost of your database migration, or if undecided, you can extend the life of your Sybase investment for as long as you need. Reach out to begin a discussion today.