April 30, 2019

April 30, 2019 | Chris Polston | Manager, Technical Support Services

It’s a warm, sunny July 1, and your sleep is broken by an early emergency call from the office. “An error message in OneWorld alerts us that it’s not licensed. We can’t access the system!” It’s a nightmare scenario, so you’re no longer sleeping.

This is exactly what could happen to unprepared OneWorld/EnterpriseOne customers, according to our technical CNC team. Specific systems will indeed be impacted by a license expiration date issue this summer, and those customers will need to address the issue in the next two months.

(Fortunately, Spinnaker Support proactively tracks and works to resolve these types of issues for our customers. It’s just one of the many benefits you receive when you switch from Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) support to Spinnaker Support.)

Below is a description of the issue and suggested next steps to get it resolved.

What is the licensing issue?

Many of our JDE customers will have a date stamp/expiration for licensing in the OneWorld/EnterpriseOne application set to 30 June 2019. After this date, your JDE systems will give an ‘Invalid License’ error message, and your JDE system will cease to function – users will not be able to access the environment.

Which systems will be affected?

The JD Edwards systems impacted by this issue are those running:

  • Service Pack 17.1 and higher
  • Tools Release 8.93 to 8.97

Not affected by the license date limit are systems running on Tools Release 8.98.0 or higher.

NOTE: Systems older than SP16 or B7.3.3.2 *must* contact Oracle for assistance.

Next Steps: How to solve the issue

If you have identified that your system will be affected, there is good news. We have a proven solution to modify/patch the system (an update to your config file) and allow it to run indefinitely beyond 30 June. Our technical team has prepared a white paper that describes the issue and the procedures to allow your system to function properly after 30 June.

Your next step is to log a support ticket to request the paper and solution. Our technical team is available to answer any questions, discuss the details, and assist you with applying the documented fix. If you’re not a current Spinnaker Support customer, please contact us to learn more.

And once the issue is fixed, if you still want to wake up early on July 1, we say go for it.