September 26, 2018

September 26, 2018 | Matt Stava | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Spinnaker Support is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Back in 2008, we built our company around one simple concept: Support Should be Supportive. As Oracle and SAP have aggressively morphed into lower-touch service, shallower expertise, and higher support costs, Spinnaker Support has executed on support reimagined: personalized, responsive, connected with and aligned to our customers’ unique environments. Our support elevates the experience with SAP’s and Oracle’s powerful solutions. Because – with great support – these solutions can drive the business forward faster.

Since inception, we have supported more than 1,000 customers, located in more than 100 countries. We remain laser-focused to deliver the world’s best third-party support for enterprises that run Oracle and SAP. I am proud of our extensive portfolio of highly satisfied customers. In the recent 2018 customer satisfaction survey, nearly 600 responses rated our support level at an astounding 98.7%. Our continued growth and success depend on continued customer loyalty, retention, and willingness to recommend Spinnaker Support.

I have spoken with many customers over the years and most admitted apprehension about replacing software vendor support with third-party support. But, the pain of an expensive, mediocre self-support model eventually outweighed the trepidation of severing the cord. I often ask about defining moments, when they first realize that switching to Spinnaker Support was the right choice. Common replies are:

  • After about 30 days, when their backlog of tickets that had been sitting with the vendor for several months, were resolved and closed
  • When they realize that their assigned team of support personnel have intimate knowledge of their account and can address issues with little engagement of the internal staff
  • When they can redirect internal IT resources to more strategic, innovative initiatives

Another question I ask customers is how defining moments make them feel inside: smart, relieved, confident, safe, cared for, and liberated. Wow.

I believe one customer, Segun Oyeniyi, Head of Business Applications at Oando PLC, best captured the difference between Spinnaker Support and the software vendors when he rated the service of each on a scale of 1 – 10: “I didn’t realize I was living through a 2.5 until I saw a 9.0.”

Our next ten years will remain centered on supportive support. We will continue to earn the right to become critical extensions of customer teams. We will stay on the hook when they need us, and at the ready even when they think they don’t. We will thrive because we aren’t nameless faces in a call center, but instead advocates, partners, troubleshooters, and cheerleaders. Customer wins are our wins.

Here’s to the next ten years.