October 11, 2016

What Employees Are Saying

October 11, 2016 | Mark Kreutz | Vice President of JD Edwards Global Services JD Edwards application services company

Our newest JD Edwards services advertisement makes a bold proclamation. There is no doubt that, since inception in 2008, our JD Edwards application service practices have been highly revered by customers around the world. So, what does it take to become the fastest growing, most unique, and most highly respected application services company in the history of JD Edwards software? To address this topic, we decided to ask our JDE employees for their take. We asked them to answer a handful of specific questions related to the new advertising message. A sampling of their responses is summarized below:

  1. What makes Spinnaker Support’s JD Edwards practices so unique?

Spinnaker Support is a progressive, forward-thinking company, always seeking and finding new and better ways to serve those who count on JD Edwards software applications. I can’t think of any single JDE implementation that could not be improved by Spinnaker Support.

Spinnaker Support has arguably built the industry’s largest and most experienced team of JDE support engineers – even when compared to Oracle. The core of our current team has been together for over a decade; even before Spinnaker Support was formed in 2008.

Spinnaker Support was the first to build independent, yet collaborative, practices for the big three: maintenance, managed services, and consulting. All three practice groups under one roof – powered by truly expert JDE professionals and enabled by our global infrastructure. 100% expert level engineers – no ‘bait and switch’ offshore junior techs posing as senior techs.

Spinnaker Support is not just another stand-alone third-party support provider. Our support organization is unmatched, but the additional managed services talent makes us truly authentic – whether for application development, CNC services, helpdesk, or staff augmentation. Spinnaker Support might not be the first JD Edwards application services provider to distinguish between level three (managed services) and level four (maintenance and support), but we are the only vendor that can eliminate the blurred line and finger-pointing that has long existed between pure managed service providers and pure maintenance support providers.

Spinnaker Support is the only third-party support vendor who has always done things the right way. We have never wavered, sticking to our commitment to always respect the intellectual property of software publishers and customers. We are completely trustworthy. From my perspective, that makes Spinnaker Support unique in our served market.

  1. What do you highly respect about Spinnaker Support as a provider of JD Edwards application services?

I see Spinnaker Support as pioneers. We deliver a broad suite of services. Well over half of our considerable customer base have leveraged at least two of our three services offerings and are constantly seeking new ways to engage Spinnaker Support.

Spinnaker Support respects and honors software publisher and customer property. We don’t transfer, borrow, or download unauthorized information. In doing so, we keep our customers legal. We’ve stayed clean throughout the years. Risk mitigation is huge to our customers.

We have repeatable and predictable engagement, onboarding, and support delivery processes. Consequently, we have consistently met customer service level agreements. We place emphasis on efficient resolution with quality, not just fast response.

The skill and delivery commitment of our employees is most impressive. We treat customers as family, building trusted relationships to earn and keep their business. Spinnaker Support engineers follow every issue that customers raise to complete resolution rather than try to prove that the problem lies elsewhere.

  1. What makes Spinnaker Support a great employer?

Spinnaker Support recently earned the 2016 “top workplace” award for good reasons. The award was solely based on employee feedback. Our culture sets us apart and results in world-class retention of world-class software experts. Many of my teammates have been working together since before the company was founded in 2008.

Spinnaker Support is adept at hiring the right people at the right time in order to provide best-in-class service to our rapidly growing JDE business. We have a tremendous history of support knowledge and are properly trained to stay current as JD Edwards software and technology stacks have evolved over the years.

It’s gratifying to know that there is virtually no JD Edwards-related issue that the Spinnaker Support team can’t resolve. Spinnaker Support executives have built a unique trio of practices. Our broader set of services enables us to address a wider array of client business issues and demands. And more importantly, we are consistently told by our customers that we are difference makers – a true extension of their team.

It’s not surprising that Spinnaker Support has risen to such heights – it was our goal.  From inception, there was a clear vision to be unique, to fill market gaps, to listen and to delight customers. We’ve built the right skillsets and infrastructure to staff the vision. We’ve put world-class, repeatable processes in place to drive execution of the vision. Our hundreds of JD Edwards customers continuously validate our vision, people, execution, and relentless drive to excellence. Over 50% of them have, at one time or another, leveraged more than one of our service offerings. They recommend us freely and frequently. They consistently score us above the 98% satisfaction level. They recognize our unique value proposition and highly respect our company, people, and value. They are family!