March 17, 2016

March 17, 2016 | Matt Stava | CEO

A customer recently called me and conveyed how pleased they were with our third-party support response, tenacity, and expertise.  This customer had logged a Priority 1 “P1” ticket two weeks earlier that had just been resolved and closed.  The P1 issue involved a network connectivity crash that occurred during a weekend migration project. Although the crash was subsequently identified as outside the scope of Spinnaker Support’s contractual obligations, my engineers from India, UK, and USA worked around the clock for 12 straight days. They were part of a collective team that included customer and other vendor resources who collaborated until all issues were resolved and successful migration was achieved. The old adage that “an ERP application gone wrong can bring you to a screeching halt” was a reality we all faced together.

“Together” is the operative word here. We apply this word in every customer engagement to address every issue.  We face all issues, whether large or small, with a togetherness that is second-to-none in the industry.  How do I know this?  We hear it time and time again from our customers, whether in person, on phone conversations and emails, or as evidenced from annual customer satisfaction survey results. In our most recent survey we rated a 98.3% customer satisfaction score, where 99.2% of total respondents indicated they would recommend Spinnaker Support to other users/companies.

The exact reason why I love our company is togetherness … of our employees while they deliver world-class third-party support to keep customers running when things go wrong.  This is the lifeblood of what makes us so unique and refreshing in the industry.  My message to all employees and customers is that “together” we’ll get through the easy and hard issues.

Back in 2008, I founded Spinnaker Support with the clear mission of reaching 100% satisfaction and referenceability. Pursuing perfection has become our ISO quality policy. It is never safe to rest on our laurels and think 98.3% is good enough.  It is not. We will relentlessly strive to reach my goals of 100% … together.